Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wouldn't you like to know...

Well thanks to Julia, over at Pain, Pride, and Perseverance, you can ask me those questions that you have been dying to ask, but never had the right you're probably sick of me always asking YOU guys things!

Julia, an awesome, talented, smart and busy runner of hills, trails, and canyons, has tagged me for this little game, and since "tag, you're it" in any shape or form was always my favorite childhood game to play, I am jumping right in (and I hope you will too!).  I am excited, nervous, interested in hearing what you might ask, and I am also a little excited she tagged me so that I had a little something to write to you all today :)

The way this works, from what I have observed on all the lovely blogs getting in on the game, is that you guys all get to ask me random (or not so random) questions and I try my very hardest to answer them all...oh, and make sure to follow me, so you can check back in and see all the answers to your fabulous questions!!!

Last, but not least...because I got tagged, I must tag 5 other bloggers to join in the fun! So I challenge:

No questions from me today - the stage is all yours....


  1. thanks for the sweet shout out! totally made my day :) I am so excited that you have accepted this challenge and cannot wait to see your answers to all the questions you will get asked!

    If you could run any race, which would it be and why?
    Favorite childhood tv show or character?
    Where would you live (or visit) if you could live/visit anywhere in the world?

  2. Yay, thanks so much for tagging me!!

    Let me see, some questions...

    How and why did you get into running? What was the hardest part for you and what was the easiest?

    You can only have one kind of fruit for the rest of your life - what would you choose?

  3. Hooray, thanks for the tag! And for the questions...
    First, what might be a silly one: what does DEM stand for? Name, initials--I always wondered but thought maybe I was just missing it somewhere?

    And if you could't run, what would be your next favorite form of exercise?


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