Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You asked...I answered!

Thank you all for the questions and curiosity you have shown towards me...I hope I can satisfy all of those burning questions you have been waiting to get answered!

The lovely Julia (who tagged me for this game! I love tag!) asked:

  • If you could run any race, which would it be and why? 
    • Easy...I would run Boston - because it is my hometown, it is my version of "making it" in running and "I love that dirty water" (j/k - Beantown joke)
  • Favorite childhood tv show or character? 
    • haha this is tough - but I will go with Punky Brewster...I had the mismatched EVERYTHING - I will try to salvage a pic one of these days 
  • Where would you live (or visit) if you could live/visit anywhere in the world?
    • I would live in Spain, because I am obsessed with the culture, sites, proximity to the rest of Europe, diversity, language, food, music, cultures...
    • I would visit Fiji, because well I want to stay in a hut on the beach and the picture says it all really
Awesome Lindsey (she lives in Tanzania!!) asked:
  • How and why did you get into running? What was the hardest part for you and what was the easiest?
    • This is a tough one and one I am going to write a post on when I get the guts, but I will give it to you short here...since the age of 4 when I started gymnastics and youth sports, I have always "run", but not always enjoyed was always running for pre-season, running at practice, running to earn my spot on the field hockey field, sprints for tumbling in gymnastics, sprints to propel me over the pole vault college I got pretty sick and I got into running because I thought it would make me, skinnier, more noticeable, and improve my field hockey game...I went into it for all the wrong reasons mentally, but I did fall in when I got healthy, I still had my keep me sane, grounded, competitive (when college field hockey was over), fit (in a healthy way), happy
    • Hardest part...motivation and realizing I won't be winning the big races...I come from gymnastics, where I medalled almost every meet, and field hockey where I went to the final four and championships almost every year....running is more of a solitary sport that I am not the best at, or even close!
    • Easiest: the ease of the sport...yes there is picking out the right shoes and putting in the speedwork and miles, but I can lace up, and run out of the house for 15, 25, 55, or 2:55 minutes and accomplish something (big or small) each time...
  • You can only have one kind of fruit for the rest of your life - what would you choose?
    • Another toughy! I would have to go with long as it was ripe and in season :)

The intriguing Vanessa (she has lived all over the place and done some pretty amazing things!) asked:
  • What does DEM stand for? Name, initials--I always wondered but thought maybe I was just missing it somewhere?
    • It is not a silly question at all! It is my initials :) Danielle Elise Marquis - fun fact...I didn't know my middle name until the third grade....didn't know to ask!
  • And if you could't run, what would be your next favorite form of exercise?
    • My next favorite form of exercising, if I couldn't run (I assume this rules out field hockey :( ), would have to be hiking...I don't do it enough, but I like to move with my legs, I am no good at swimming, the bike can't keep my attention, and I love Pilates and yoga, but I also like to get out and see new things and constantly be moving
I want to thank these ladies so so much for sending in their burning questions! Hope you all enjoyed the little Q & A game, I know I did...really makes you think!!  If you didn't get a chance to ask me a question and you are just bumming that you missed it - don't worry, leave me a comment or shoot me an email with the questions you are interested and getting answered!
A few for all of you!

Where is the most exotic place you have been (could be your backyard!)

Can you speak a second, third, fourth... language, if so, what are they?!

I lived in Spain for 6 months during college and was pretty fluent in Spanish...not so hot now :)

Were you surprised by any of my answers? Please don't click "stop following!" I was trying to be honest!!


  1. SO funny about your middle name! Most exotic place was the Tioman Islands in Malaysia--it was at least the most beautiful place I've ever been!
    I can speak German and Dutch as well!

  2. i love that you didnt know your middle name till third grade! too funny!

    i can speak some german and want to work at it again some day in hopes of becoming fluent. I took the language as a class through college. Most exotic place I have been is Central Europe...not so exotic but it was exciting!

  3. I loved learning more about you.
    I am so with you on the Fiji thing. My most exotic place would have to be Thailand.
    I have a tenuous grasp of French, that's about it.

  4. Love your answers!! The most exotic place I've ever been...India?

    I can speak Swahili, but I want to learn another language.

  5. Too cute about your middle name! I was obsessed with mine growing up because I wanted it to be my first name instead (I hated Laura).

    We had to learn French growing up (everyone does in Canada) so I guess that would be language number 2!

  6. i love this! It's a great post! I'm with you on the watermelon - LOVE watermelon, so delicious :)


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