Friday, August 12, 2011

The anti-PR goal

That's right, I am not going to be gunning for a PR this know, when I run my half marathon? That YukanRun half on Sunday?   You know, the one with my friend Emma?

I's a little unconventional, but I will not be even thinking about a PR, in fact, I want to go slow...that's goals are all around going slower.  This weekend's half marathon is only 13.1 miles of my larger 18 mile long run.  Which means, if I race it...I am going to be hurting when I try to finish up my last 5, and maybe even lose motivation to finish it! I also need to be able to recover in time, for my 20-miler next Thursday (more to come on that later)!

So here it goes, my goals for the YukanRun Half Marathon:

  • Get a good warm-up in (hoping to get in at least one or two miles before the race, so I can enjoy the celebration post race)
  • Hydrate often: I will be stopping at most, if not all, of the water stations (located every other mile starting at mile 2)
  • Listen to my body: I am going to concentrate on my anxiety level (it is a race environment), breathing, muscle fatigue, mental thoughts - preparing for raceday environment
  • Finish my long run: no matter if I have 3 or 5 miles to go when the race is over, I WILL knock them out
  • Have fun! This is a training run for Emma and I, not a PR challenge, and there will be raffles, food, and music (oh and pretty beaches) for post-run
No time goals for this one, just a pace around 8:30s (to put this in PR half had me pacing 7:35s).

I am excited and nervous and happy that this is coming up! I love to run with Emma, and I love to run in race environments! I am also pumped about our plan to spend the rest of the day there laying on the beach :)

I am off to finish up work and get ready for another super  busy weekend.....

Laying on a beach towel with friends
Finally finishing my Runner's World while I re-hydrate 
And re-fueling with fabulous eats :) 
(photos courtesy of last weekend and the weekend recap post I never did :) You're welcome)
Do you have any races this weekend? If so, good luck! If not, happy running!

What is your favorite weekend activity during summer?

Definitely laying on the beach doing nothing for a couple of hours, relaxing after a good morning workout...


  1. Favorite weekend activity....beach! Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. can't wait to hear how it goes, good luck!

  3. GOOD LUCK! I'm so inspired that you are just going to chill and have a non-PR half marathon. I find it so hard not to beat myself up about not trying to be the best all the freaking time. By the way... your regular PR is RIDIC. Good for you, lady!!!
    My favourite weekend activity is being with my girlfriends! I also love running on the boardwalk, playing beach volleyball, and recently discovered stand up paddleboarding!!! :)

  4. Enjoy the 13.1 miles and a little extra. I hope it goes well. It sounds like a great way to include some extra fun in a otherwise scheduled 18 miler.

    But I wonder if it might be better if you did the 5 miles before the start of the race. That way you could just do your thing and enjoy the festivities at the end. Just a thought.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello.


  5. HI, I have done a 1/2 that was part of an overall longer run before. They are hard to do because although you aren't pushing it your hardest you kinda of want to fly at the end. At least I do! Good luck and have a blast!!!



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