Friday, August 5, 2011

LUNA Chix Inaugural Run/Walk and Fun Fact Friday!

If you are a female living in or around Boston, this is an event you should look into! It is not a race, it is not a clinic - it is simply a celebration of strong, active, connected women.  My friend Emma described this event so perfectly, that I am going to poach her write up from the Team LUNA Chix Boston Run blog:
Taking just a few minutes each day to breathe, move and treat ourselves is exactly what we all need to carry on with our lives as SUPERWOMEN.  But as women ourselves who are students, friends, professionals, moms and beyond, we know how hard it can be to carve out that time.  Let’s support each other in this endeavor: join us at the inaugural Team LUNA Chix Walk or Run for Fun on Thursday, September 8.  This isn’t a race. It’s not a clinic.  It’s all about YOU - - connecting with other Boston-area women; breaking a sweat at whatever pace works for you that day; maybe running faster than you ever have or leisurely strolling along the Charles; enjoying music, food and fun; and taking some time to celebrate and care for yourself.  This unique event is suitable for women of all ages, interests and abilities.  Team LUNA Chix members will be leading pace groups of 10-20 women in a 2.7 mile run or a 1.5 mile walk.  You choose the distance and intensity-level that suits you.  Your leader will be there to set the pace, keep it fun, and offer any tips to improve your performance, amp up your training or just generally give you encouragement.  
This will be the first year LUNA is throwing an event like this in Boston, and I think it is such amazing encouragement to get women of all ages, shapes, sizes out together for an evening - to breath, move, laugh, chat, celebrate.

If you are interested you can  learn more and register here - but make sure you move fast, because there is only a limited number of spots open!!

The Details:

What: Team LUNA Chix Walk or Run for Fun
When: Thursday Sept 8th @ 6:30pm (Registration begins at 5:30PM)
Where: Cambridge Common, Harvard Square, Cambridge
Cost: $25 entry fee per individual. Register Here
You might be wondering though...if it isn't a race...or a clinic...why is there a fee?!  Well, all proceeds from the event go to benefit The Breast Cancer Fund, an incredible organization that focuses on the preventable, environmental causes of this disease that affects so many women. 

The fee includes activity, sweet swag bag (including a tech t-shirt), music, food, a yoga-inspired cool down & even more goodies.  I honestly think the swag bag alone is worth showing up...LUNA truly knows how to give back and appreciate women of all calibers.
LUNA Chix Boston Run 2011
Fun Fact Friday

1.) My mom was excited about all the comments from yesterday's post about racing the Springfield Half at the end of the month, and she is honestly such a strong, determined, athletic woman and I am so blessed and happy to be running with her - so thank you all :)
2.) First of all, I can't afford Rugby clothes, as long as these student and car loans are still around, so obviously I was curious of what the boutique had to offer! Second of all, I was kind of keeping my eye out for a bday present for a certain Mr. sailor, who has a bday at the end of this month! I innoccently came across this awesome sweatshirt...and hit "buy" and had no regret whatsoever. I then waited each evening to see if I received my package in the mail, and when it finally came on Wednesday, I practically tore it open.  I have now been inseparable from the new sweatshirt for going on 3 days...totally normal...
Note to self...learn how to take bathroom photos of self.
until, like I said I was blog stalking...and saw this...
Lindsay over at "In Sweetness and In Health"
She clearly has Grade-A style, and if she didn't rock the sweatshirt better than me, I would say we could be  She also made some delicious looking Gluten-Free Fudgy, Cakey, Brownies - w/ black beans?! (my addiction is brownies in case you didn't know) and has a cool obsession with roller coasters...

3.) I just placed an order for BOTH Carrots 'N' Cake AND Peas and Thank You - I cannot wait!!!!!!!!


Have you ever found a twin in blogworld? 

I think this is so crazy that she posted this today and I am sitting here wearing the same thing!!

Have you ever participated in an event like the LUNA Chix Run/Walk?

This will be my first event around running that isn't a race - very pumped!!


  1. that fun run sounds so awesome! I am super jealous and if I were any where CLOSE to boston I would be there! I read Carrots 'n' Cake and LOVED IT!!!!!

  2. I want a twin in blogland! So cool.

    And I love LUNA. Very cool!

  3. That sounds like fun! That sweatshirt is so cute...the bathroom pic was fine, too!

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog... so glad you enjoyed :) I'm having a great night browsing through yours, catching up on old entries :D

    Oh, and I cannot express how much I'd love to do that event...... too bad I live about as far from Boston as is possible :p

  5. That sweater's super cute and cozy looking...

    I preordered Peas and Thank You and I LOVE IT!! I can't say enough good things about it and the recipes inside :-)


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