Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marathon Training Pan, Week #5, conquering my fear of 30

So last week I just barely missed my goal of 30+ miles for the week, the plan was there, it was feasible, I had time for those last 2 or 3 miles, but my mind was a little fogged over from my head cold, and I was tired and...well...it just didn't happen! But this week? Oh, this week, it WILL happen...I am willing myself to follow through on my goal of 30+ miles, and trying to only go up from there.

Here goes nothing, Marathon Training Plan Week #6:

I kind of front loaded my week with my runs, but I planned one two easier runs back to back, so it shouldn't be too bad on the legs.  I switched out speed/track work for the hilly run I missed last week, and have pre-warned my roommate that I AM going to yoga this week, so she doesn't tempt me with happy hour on Thursday :)  I am hoping to get in my full 18 around the race on Sunday, going with a strategy of mile warm up - 13.1 race - 4 miles post race...
Since I am kind of cheating and writing this on Tuesday, after I have already completed both Mon. and Tues.'s runs, I have to admit I have some good and bad recaps to share.

The bad: Worst Samaritan Award 

I am a little nervous to share this with you because, well, it is embarrassing and I am honestly not sure if I did the right thing, or a dick move, but...as I was starting out for my hilly run on Monday evening, I was working on getting in the zone for the first of 4 killer hills awaiting me around the next corner, running down a narrow sidewalk with lots of shops along it, when a man pops out of the coffee shop right as I was approaching the door.  I tried to yell, but it was too late - I bumped into...not hard, but enough to startle him and for him to drop his coffee he had just bought.  We both stopped, startled and stared at each other briefly.  I managed an "I am so sorry!" and he just turned, walked back into the shop, and was gone.  I was so confused as to what I should be doing, that I just took off and got back to my run.  I still feel horrible, but I had no money on me, so I couldn't offer to buy a new one and he was gone so fast, my mind blanked...Please don't stop following...

The good: Blogger meet-up/Early AM Sweat session accomplished!

Ali, from Food, Fitness, Fashion has been a blogger I have been reading since I started exploring the healthy living blog world, and I was able to meet her at one of our LUNA community runs a couple of months ago.  Well after going back and forth on Twitter a little bit, we made a date to run first thing this morning, literally the sun was just coming up over the city of Boston!
I fueled up with a Clif Zbar Blueberry (yes they are for kids, no I don't care, they are delicious) and took the T over to meet them.

 we headed out for a 4 miler around the Charles River, her husband Adam came along too! It was not only great to get my butt out of bed for an early morning workout, but it was awesome to have new friends to chat with!
I kind of forgot what it felt like to post things like this:

It was a great morning to run, and I really enjoyed chatting the whole way, it seriously flew by! Ali and I are running marathons on the same day, different states in October (the 16th) and talked a little about the training and some running quirks (like how you know you are talking to a runner when they describe directions, using running distances - i.e. the T is .6 miles from my house, or at least that is what Garmin tells me).  I am excited to meet up for some more runs sometime soon :)

I took the T back home (sorry for everyone on the red line at 7 am this morning, I tried to stand in front of the big fan before getting my sweaty butt on the T) and was home before my alarm would normally even go off! I got ready for work and made myself a delicious yogurt bowl for bfast with some iced coffee and Vita Coco Pom Acai (I am attempting to drink some of this coconut water, because Tripp is obsessed, it is supposed to be good for you, and well I bought him a case and was interested in the flavored ones)
How would you have reacted in my bad situation story? Was I wrong to "run away"?

What motivates you to get up and out early for a workout?

What "made for kids" foods are you loving?


  1. okay. so the story about the guy is kinda funny but i would have felt really bad as well. i know would have reacted the same exact way though. when you are in the middle of a run...you are so focused...the last thing you expect is a guy to pop out of a shop. i LOVED reading about your run with your new friends! those are always the best and so exciting!

    I think just simply getting up and knowing that I can come home and relax after work...plus I am just so much more focused all day when I run in the am keeps me getting up every morning. and reading success stories like yours!

  2. wow i'm so sorry that happened! i would have felt bad too, but like you said you had no money. sure if you had it on you, buy him another, but you didn't so you did all you could by apologizing. makes for a good story though!

  3. I looooove kids fruit snacks... and I would have done the same thing in the coffee situation. If there's nothing you can do, there's nothing you can do! Accidents happen... he probably just bought a new coffee and had a funny story to tell at work today :-)

  4. Aw, poor man and poor you! I probably would've done the same thing - I mean, you had no money!! What an awesome run!!


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