Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marathon Training Plan, Week #5 and what do when there is no wind

Last week I had gone into it knowing it was a little stale and too similar to the previous weeks, so this week I am trying to mix up the activities a little...you will notice some different runs, a field hockey session thrown in, and yoga re-emerges! So here it goes...1/3 of my training will be complete this Sunday...
Week #5 marathon training plan:

I know the total mileage is a slightly larger jump than 10% from the week before (26.34), but since I have hit the 30-mile mark previously, I will be able to handle the stress of 2 extra miles over 10%.
First of all - I have to apologize for being MIA over the weekend! I was away at one of Tripp's regattas on the Cape, with no internet, a sketchy phone, but tons of sun :) I spent the weekend enjoying the beach, getting in my long run, watching the studly man I get to call mine crush a sailing regatta and enjoy some me-time...
I always enjoy going to the Hyannis Regatta, for a few reasons...Tripp usually gets his windy weather, at some point in the day, I get to run a scenic route and then chill on the beach in front of the yacht club with views like above, and it is a great reason to head to the Cape for the weekend in general!

This regatta had lots of wind for the boys on days 1 & 2 and they racked up 8 bullets (firsts) pretty quickly...but then the wind died, and as you know from my previous regatta posts, when the wind dies at a sailing event, it is like the guys forget what the heck they are supposed to do to keep occupied! (WARNING: Prepare for photo bomb central)

There is a lot of standing around admiring everyone else's boats, new and old...

There is more time to let their gear from the day before dry in the "sailor's closet"
There is some last minute boat-work and sponsor love that goes on...
There are some rigging tutorials that occur:
Don't know why exactly, but one of my favorite photos of the weekend!
And then comes the wind...and the scurry of sailors getting suited up and boats out on the water, for the final 3 hours of regatta racing, and final chances to snag that 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place...
Isn't the boys' new boat bad-a**?!
 I resume my post on the beach
I attempt to swim in the lanes the yacht club set up and work on avoiding sharks...

 how cool is that?! 6 lanes right in the harbor to get some ocean laps in!

 From my "widow's walk" (apparently a sailing term) I spot the first of the fleets to come in...the opties! These are the little youngsters just starting out - they are adorable!

 And after all of that exhausting day of sitting around, lounging out, 10 minutes of swimming, and boat spotting...I get to watch my bestest accept the first place silver plate :)
 And skipper Mike won a little extra award for being awesome and steering their boat to win the most points in the biggest fleet in the most number of races for the entire regatta - those boys rock :)
So now that I have thoroughly photo bombed you with my weekend recap, I hope you all enjoyed your couple of days with friends, loved ones, yourself...and took out a second to breath, listen and be still...
Have you ever been to a sailing regatta?

Never until I met Tripp :) there isn't a ton to see unless you are on a boat out there with them, but I love being around those boys none-the-less

Do you plan your weekly workouts out ahead of time?

I never did until marathon training - I will tell you, it is a huge help to keep me motivated/on track/accountable for the miles/workouts!


  1. what an awesome and fun weekend!!!!! super jealous! and congrats to the boys on the first place finish! woo hoo! I have never been to a regatta but if it means I could get in some beach time...I would be the number 1 fan!

    excited for your training this week and can barely believe you will already be 1/3 of the way through! WOW. fall marathons are coming up quickly!

  2. So cool! My parents live on a boat in Hong Kong Marina, and sail every chance they can in their sail boat. We're definitely "boat people." Congrats to your man!

  3. First place, not too shabby!

    Nice post on the beach, I could get used to that.

    And those boats are gorgeous.

  4. Awesome training plan and what a fun weekend! I have never seen anything like that before! My fiance's family has a boat but not a sail boat!

  5. that looks so fun! and i could watch all day if the beach is included!


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