Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marathon Training Plan, Week #8, zip-lining, or not?

Last week was a busy week for me outside of running/training, with weddings and work and travel, so I didn't get in too much cross-training and the miles were really jumbled during the week (long run on Thursday?!) This week I am going to focus a little more on cross-training, and still try to maintain my 30+ mileage, but will not be disappointed if I am under, as this is a fall-back week after my 20 last week.  The fun part of the plan comes on Sunday, when I run the Springfield Half Marathon (with a warm up and cool down to make it a full 15 mile long run) with MY MOM!!

As you can see, I only have one speed day on there (and since I did it yesterday - I know the plan was already fudged), but my knee has been bugging me since last Friday, and I don't want to push it...the plan before last night was to put on at least a speed and hill run, but no hills for this lady this week, which is fine for a fall-back, easier week.

Oh! You want to know why my run last night sucked? When the weather was oh so perfect for a run (speed at that) here in Boston? Well...last week I tweaked my left knee (pray it is just muscular tension) doing, of all things, jumping jacks, so when I started out for my 6-mile tempo jaunt, it went downhill, you could say...fast :)

I started out great, no pain, a little stiffness, but that shook out in the warm-up mile (7:45ish pace - a little fast for a warm-up, but I was in a zone)...mile 2 (1 of 4 7:10 miles) went better than expected, and I felt smooth and fast (7:00 mile), mile 3 started out lighter than mile 2 and I was all positive thoughts, until my left calf started seizing up...not good...I stopped at the end of that mile (6:50 mile), vowing to change the workout to 2 x 2-mile repeats instead of 4 miles tempo, and stretched and massaged my shin and calf, realizing the pain and tightness was probably stemming from the knee pain that I was just starting to feel again now that I was stopped.  Well that second set of speedy 2 miles never happened, instead I limped/walked/jogged back 2.5 miles to my house with a defeated grimace on my face...and changed my training plan for the week to incorporate easy runs (if I can tolerate them)...

Onto more exciting things, well kind of...So last week, I had put "zip-lining/hiking" on my plan for Sunday up at Berkshire East Canopy Tours, Tripp and I were wicked excited to get out there and zip away, but mother nature had something else in mind...with scattered thunderstorms streaming through the hills of the Berkshires, the tour guides informed us that although they didn't know us very well yet, they still didn't feel right about sending us off onto a 1.5 mile lightning rod...I was sad, but I had to agree...the frizzy hair look just doesn't suit me :)

So what to do when you are waiting around for the nice man to tell us it was a no-go, while you are sitting on the deck of a ski-loft, looking at a ski-lift, but no snow?
Just looks wrong...doesn't it?!
Well for starters, you get your camera out and obviously beg ask nicely for the lady next to you to take a photo of you all ready to not go zip-lining
Document your smart choice to wear your running shoes (which are definitely not trail running shoes) for a hike, even though they are in your active shoe rotation for marathon training...
Then tell Tripp for the ten millionth time again that he might enjoy running more if he had real running shoes :)
While he makes really sexy faces at you for his reply...
But I didn't pay attention because I was too busy watching his plastic cup art and being artsy myself...
That's a shark in the top right and top hat in the bottom left...my man is talented :)
So I told him to go climb a tree....
And he did?!
This was enough fun for one snow-less ski mountain, so we packed up our disheveled selves and decided to explore Shelburne Falls a little, from the beautiful Bridge of Flowers and the famous Glacial Potholes
Then we went back to Greenfield, cleaned out my car for a couple of hours (yes it was that bad) and went for a run (he must have felt bad about no zipping, because he actually said he wanted to go this time!)...the end :)
Have you ever been zip-lining?

I went once in college, we did a ropes course as a "team building" field trip...yes, we took field trips in college :)

Do you have a hard time getting your significant other to get out and run with you?

Yes...but I know he doesn't like to, so I don't pester....all of the time....


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out!!!!! Hahahaha this post was so funny- especially Tripp climbing the tree and becoming a plastic cup entertainer. I've zip lines once in Mexico- it was awesome!

  2. I hope your knee feels better soon! Don't you hate when your injury is from something other than running? I fell down the stairs once and couldn't run for over a week. Embarassing!

    I have never been zip lining but I would so be game for it if I ever get a chance!

    My hubby doesn't run but once in a while I can guilt him into suffering through a 5k. :)

  3. It sometimes takes an extra nudge to get my boyfriend out running with me, but he's usually happy once he does get out.

    PS congrats on your 20 miler last week!!


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