Monday, August 1, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #4

So last week was not one of my best training weeks, but it taught me a good lesson of training, which is training/life balance and flexibility.  I will go into more of that in a sec, but here is the breakdown of the past week's workouts.
Vs. Reality
Reaction to Week #4 of Marathon Training:

  • Training will not always go as planned - life might get in the way: I skipped workouts altogether on Thursday to join my roommates for a last minute dinner and drinks date, it had been months since the three of us were out together and although we live together, there was a lot to catch up on (we all are super busy and rarely around the house at the same time) I do not feel guilty, and am very happy I chose to hang out with them.
  • Doing speed work the day after your longest, long run - then adding boot camp into the mix, is not the best idea if you want to have strong legs for the remainder of your week.
  • Take travel plans into account when making weekly plan: I was very unprepared for a LR in Hyannis and botched my Friday workout plan due to travel day.
  • I successfully welcomed yoga into my workouts, and plan on getting that in there a couple of more times, at least once or twice a week.
  • Another new cross-training I attempted (and honestly, dare I say it, quit partway through), swimming.  I tried to swim in Hyannis because the yacht club has lanes set up, but I didn't have goggles, the salt water was burning my contacts and I think I ended up drinking half the ocean before I called it a (beach) day - more on that later).
  • My mileage was no where near where I planned, but I will just work on getting back up past the 30-mile mark this week.
Long Run Recap: 14 miles in 2:07:36
  • It is always better to run with someone, even if that means altering your plan: I ran my long run with a friend this past weekend, the first time running with someone.  
  • It was hot and slightly humid, the roads were unfamiliar, and we weren't feeling 100%.  
    • There were some walk breaks, an unexpected speedy last 5 miles, and a 14-miler instead of my planned 18. 
    • I kept telling myself that this was a run to get time on my feet, rather than a specified distance and that helped me go slower and accept the lower distance as useful to training.
  • Running 60-90 seconds slower than your goal race pace truly keeps your legs fresher longer: this was my slowest avg. pace to date for a long run due to several walking breaks (I let my watch keep going for the walk breaks), but I pushed the last 5 miles to an average pace of 7:24 (under a time constraint to get friend to his regatta)
  • Source
  • Ran with my water belt for the first time ever, the Fuel Belt Original Endurance 4-Bottle belt....not a fan! I had to literally un-velcro and re-adjust almost every 10 minutes and I think I sipped less, even though I had more on me.  I wore it because I knew there were NO water stops along the route and it was pretty hot when we started.  I know I will have to wear it more than this one time, so it was a good, slow run to get used to it being there.  I do not plan on wearing this in the marathon as of right now, but I have started thinking about my hydration plan for the race.
There were some firsts this week which both good and not so awesome for training (yoga, swimming, skipping workouts).  I am excited to start incorporating yoga back into my training because it really helps me focus, be with my thoughts and concentrate on and feel the power in my legs and core.  Swimming might re-emerge next week, but I am not going to plug it into the plan, because I am not certain I am going to have a chance to do it.  I guess you will have to just stay tuned for week #5 of marathon training for what I have on my plate this week!

Oh! and one more thing...I signed up for another race, I must be reading Julia's blog too much, because I have caught her racing fever for sure! More on that later too!! So much to write share!!
How did you training go last week? Was it at par with what you wanted to do, room for improvement, or crushed the plan?!

Do you usually do your long run with friends/groups/solo?

What is the toughest run you have tried to do?


  1. I think that your week looks pretty great! Training isn't always perfect but that is the beauty of it. I agree about the 60-90 seconds slower per mile for training. It is so hard to do but really does make a significant difference for recovery.

    I love running with others, especially for LR. Have a wonderful week!

  2. haha! I have missed reading your blog this weekend...glad I am back in blogging action today! Totally true...yeah maybe I sign up for way too many races but they keep me super motivated and whether or not I truly "race" them...I enjoy the time with other people out there doing what they love. You just can't beat the fun atmosphere at a race!

    you still got some GREAT runs in this week. And you did 14 instead of skipping a LR all together which is awesome! I think it is FINALLY starting to sink into my little brain that I can run slower during my training runs which allows me to actually have fresher legs and to be able to run more during the week...not to mention I enjoy it more...and I still am able to race more quickly than I expect. Who would have thought? haha! I LOVE how much we learn from running and that is exactly why I look forward to reading your weekly recaps! Have a great week this week :)

  3. The heat and humidity have been sucking the life out of my runs lately too...

    Annnnnd like you I try to avoid hills at all costs, haha. That's why I've tried to designate run a week where I have to incorporate at least one or two! My first half marathon had 6 significant hills and I ALMOST DIED it was so hard!!

  4. I too just started the swimming process, it seems to help me stay off my foot. I am soo envious of your running schedule and accomplishments!

  5. I have found that long runs are so much easier with friends/groups! Makes the time fly by.


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