Monday, August 15, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #6

I have to get this off of my chest...I am really proud of my training this week, not in a selfish way, but in a confidence boosting, self-discipline kind of way :)  I took my plan and promised myself to follow it as close as possible (as my last few weeks had some workouts missed or down-graded).  I followed through with the miles, the cross-training, and the long run - success in my book!

The Plan:

Vs. Reality

  • So proud that I got up over 30 miles this week, and proved I am not afraid of 30 :)
  • Really happy that I pushed to get work outs in each day I had workouts planned
  • Excited that I have stuck with my 30-day ab-workout challenge (so far!)
  • Finally got yoga back into the schedule, and was still able to get in 2 strength/weight sessions
  • I trained over 7 hours, with solid workouts
  • Realized it is tough mentally to front-load your weekly mileage, but my legs were super fresh for Sunday's long run, but I felt like I should have been running Friday or Saturday....good or bad? Still deciding, mentally I like them spread out a little
Long Run/Cape Ann YukanRun Series Half Marathon: 18.22 miles, 2:27:21 (8:05 avg. pace)
  • Full recap to come later, but the half marathon went really well for me, even though I didn't follow my goals as closely as I had intended
  • It was a small race (237 entrants), I finished 3rd in my age group and 10th overall woman: 1:42:45
  • The weather was pretty fantastic for a long run - 73 degrees, lower humidity, a little drizzly at points, happy the weather stayed cooler because the race was at 8 AM (who starts a half marathon in August at 8 AM?!)
  • The course was pretty hilly, but smaller, rolling hills - so not too tough, and a good simulation of race day in Newport
  • I hydrated often, stopping at each water station for water (Gatorade at mile 6), which were placed around every 2 miles (just not mile 12 because I was fine and almost done with the race).  I drank an entire Vita Coco Tropical Fruit (found a new flavor I like!) at the finish and got back to running to finish my 18
  • For nutrition I took two pieces of shot blok at mile 8 and two pieces of shot blok at mile 10.5.
  • I did hit a slight wall around mile 10 or 11, where I felt kind of dizzy again (seems to be a recurring theme) and prompted more water and shot bloks 
  • My hip was a bit painful, but I pushed through it, not sure if that is a bad thing, but today it feels alright. PT Chris says I should keep an eye on it, because if I let the muscle get too tight, I could be in trouble...massage anyone?!
  • This long run was the first time I really felt and believed I will be able to run 26.2 with around an 8:00 avg. pace.  I ran sub-8 pace for the first 13.1 and almost thought I would be too tired to keep going, but then I had a wave of energy that carried me through the last 5.22 miles at an 8:31 pace. I felt like I really would be able to keep going...self-confidence boost and a half!
Like I said above, I am really happy with this past week's training, especially since this week's (week 7 ahh) will be a little unconventional and unpredictable (more on that to come).  For now, I am off to work some more, avoid the downpour outside, get some fresh groceries into the house, and see what my legs are up for after that distance PR of 18 yesterday!
Do you like to mix races into your long runs?

First time I have ever done was kind of tough to get back out and run the remainder of my miles, but my legs were loose and the time actually flew by

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?!


  1. Very nice training week! You have much to be proud of!
    I have a really hard time adding miles after a race. Deadsville mentally and physically.

  2. You are a champ! Maybe you could train me since we both live in the same part of the city, ha!

  3. Way to go girl!! Amazing training!

    I love adding miles after a race. I always wonder if splitting them is as effective as running them all together, but I still do it sometimes :)

  4. You are the kind of fast that I could only ever dream of! Unbelievable... I love the idea of adding up the time you spend working out in a week. 7 hours is a lot when you stop to think about it! Great job!!

  5. Nice to see such confidence and pleasure in your success. Good for you. Enjoyed reading your recap, too.

  6. AMAZING. you totally rocked this week. and your half time is amazingly speedy! way to go! I have only combined races and training one other time...basically I went out and ran some miles after a 10k. But am considering it for this week. I wasn't sure it was a good idea or if I would be motivated but I would love to do something similar to you. Did you run right after the race? go home first and then run later? i am trying to decide what would be best! CONGRATS on a great week!


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