Monday, August 29, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #8...bummerrrr

Thank you all so so much for your comments on not only the training program, but on the race fee as well.  I know those are both very controversial and unique topics to discuss, and I really value all of your feedback and suggestions! That being said, I think with only 7 weeks (eek!) until Newport, I am going to continue on with my current week-by-week schedules, listening to my body and not upping the mileage more than the 10% rule I try to run by (which I broke the week before I got hurt, tisk..tisk...) - as it stands now, I am not running at all, so I am more so hoping I will be able to get in some quality long runs and speed work before my taper down week.

In regards to the race, I completely agree that a 100% refund is not a reasonable expectation (although I know we would all love if it were :) ), but something 50% or over would be a lot better received, or an attempt to re-schedule perhaps?  My mom did go to pick up our packets w/ our shirts and medals, but she said there wasn't even any granola bars to snag - it was just the ugliest $60 shirt she has ever gotten...hmm...rumor has it though, that the race series, USRAHM, is going to be offering us all something more than the 20%, so I will keep you updated....for now? I am going to rock my ugliest $60 T-shirt :)

So, as my last post mentioned, I am on RICE this is only Monday, and I am already ancy, anxious, somewhat un-motivated for the gym, all of the above and then week recap is going to be short, because well...I ran speed work, no long run, no hills, no nada...

I did however kill it in the cross-training department, and hope to keep it up again this week.  The only thing stopping me, is that it is already Monday (one week since I last ran) and my knee doesn't feel ANY better....I don't know why this is, because the Dr. was pretty certain there is no soft tissue damage, there is no muscle pull, and the bones around the knee look fine....all I can do is RICE and pray that this subsides a bit over the next week.

I got a massage today to try to loosen up the muscles around the knee, so lets see how I feel tonight and tomorrow (fingers crossed, not worse!).

In other news, I am happy to read about how everyone survived and persevered through Irene...which despite it's downgrading, left a wealth of damage in its path and even some deaths.  I am not taking this lightly, and I really think it is bad karma for those of us out there that are poo pooing the weekends events...Tripp and I came out unscathed, besides some tree damage at his parents, but some others did not fare so well...
Trying to clean up some debri
the debri trying to clean up me
Swampscot beaches - these boats didn't fair too well through the storm and winds
There were probably 5 or 6 at this beach alone that were sitting like beached whales :(

After waiting out the storm in the North Shore (I was hoping for a front row seat), eating lots on comfort foods (think stack of pancakes and syrup, buttered grilled cheddar cheese on foccaccia, and lots of homemade peach pie, oatmeal raisin cookies and brownies), losing Monopoly,  starting Carrots n' Cake (pretty easy read, excited to finally be reading it!), watching wayyy too much TV....I went home and made myself a veggie FILLED dinner and watched two more episodes of Make It Break It....I am a winner
Salad greens, spinach, corn, black beans, avacado, kiwi, red pepper, carrots...and a microwaved cooked sweet potato w/ cinnamon (later topped with pineapple cottage cheese)

This was also my fabulous lunch today...can we say, someone needs to go grocery shopping?!
I was feeling sluggish from no running, and lots of butter - so I woke up bright and early to get in some elliptical (low resistance speedy intervals) and weights....the knee felt alright, but it is sore now (I am actually sitting icing right now in my maxi dress...cute, right?).

Tripp and I are off for a romantic sunset cruise tonight...I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!
How do you deal with injuries?

I am really impatient and aggrivated, but I got some good recommendations on my post from last week, so there might be some pool running in my future?

How did you weather the storm? I hope everyone is safe and sound!


  1. so glad you are safe!!!! totally feel you on the knee. I am honestly thinking that I may be dealing with something similar. I didnt run all week and then figured it would be fine for the LR. It didn't bug me too much but I could feel it after a while. Today it was WORSE. ahhhh. I react the same way and get so anxious. I think I may try the TM tomorrow and if it just isnt working...hit up the cross training and try for my LR again this weekend.

    I have never tried pool running but I have heard that it is a great alternative!! Thinking of you and hoping for the best with your knee! sending you healing thoughts :)

  2. Sunset cruise?! Yes please. Can't wait to see photos.

    I also love love your idea of the massage, I need to get one of those asap..........

  3. I am super impatient too... the last time I had to cut myself off from any running was almost 2 years ago now, but it was really, really bad. I keep telling myself if/when I get injured again, that not running for 2 weeks to heal is better than not running for 2 months because I made it worse!


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