Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tale of Two Weddings

I know you are all anxious to hear all about my sunset cruise with Tripp last night, but it will have to wait...this one is a long overdue photo recap of the crazy weekend of weddings I had a couple of weeks ago.  I have to start out by saying, I was blown away by how stunning both weddings were, and how completely different each one was! It was truly a fantastic experience to see the beauty in each day/evening, despite how different they were! This post is just going to be the first wedding, there will be a second post for the other wedding - too many pics :)  It is full of love, friends, tasty morsels and more!

So without further ado, I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Katie T.:
Newport, RI August 19, 2011
Rehearsal Dinner
Wedding Day: Prep
Wedding Day: Ceremony

Wedding Day: Reception, Rose Cliff Mansion
Before we headed over to the Mansion, bubbly cheers!

The girlfriends :)

Time to go home (or to the second wedding I should say!)
I caught the bouquet! 
Wow! What a stunning, glamorous and beautiful wedding it was! Thank you guys so much for letting us be a part of your special day, congratulations and wishing you many happy years together!

stay tuned to see the contrast in beauty in my next post :)
What is the most elegant place you have ever been fPublish Postor a wedding?

This was definitely the most elegant and luxurious setting!

Have you ever caught a bouquet (garter) at a wedding before?

First time for me! Didn't even have to fight anyone (very badly)


  1. seriously some gorgeous and amazing pics. and ummmm coincidence?!? my cousin is getting married in newport so I am headed there the weekend of September 18th. I think they are getting married at the Hilton. I am super pumped because I have never been to RI and hoping to maybe get a run in while I am there as well :) will be a nice change of scenery!

  2. Ooh looks like so much fun! Your blue dress is gorgeous on you!

    I love weddings, especially with my friends. Pretty much all of them have gotten married in the last few years so it looks like we wont be going to many more in the near future. Oh well, less expensive gifts to buy!

  3. I just found your blog and as a new-New Englander I had to say hi! That wedding looks so stunningly elegant. I'm so blown away!

  4. Your dress is stunning!!!! Actually, no. YOU are stunning, and your dress is gorgeous!!! As was all the other people at this wedding- do you have any ugly friends?
    I am wedding queen. I love them so much, and I happen to go to A LOT. Which is fine by me :)
    I caught the bouquet 3 times before tying the knot myself... it's fate :)

  5. I've been to 3 or 4 weddings in my life, so my experiences are few and far between... I'd love to be in a wedding party someday though!

  6. Being a Newporter born and raised....we do throw some swanky weddings! We went to a cousins wedding at the place on Goat Island...can't remember the name...not the Hyatt but next to it...beautiful!


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