Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday, and one lucky (or not so) girl

First of all - thank you so so much for the compliments and Birthday Wishes for Tripp...he really is my rock and I think he had a spectacular day!

1. I will start with the good of this good, bad, and random three things, so that if you get sick of reading part way through, at least you got the good part in :) You're welcome... So I am not a lucky girl, like ever...but this past month? I have been on fire! At least in the blog world, which has an uncanny way of engulfing me!  So I am going to celebrate, just a little :)

This month alone, I won 4 giveaways! One from Amanda @ RuntoTheFinish a great Fiber One pack, including some yummy cereal, a pedometer and an arm band to carry music/phone.
which I have been enjoying on top of my morning smoothies :)
One from Mel @ Will Run For Margaritas for some Pickybars! (who is running Hood to Coast this weekend, so go over and wish her luck!)
I took this pic from her blog, because they aren't technically in my hands yet :)
One from Michelle @ Running with Attitude for some Gotein samples, which I cannot wait for - I have been meaning to try these out, since they are rocking the blog world reviews!
And last, but not least at all, I won a great little pack from Kim @ Sunny State of Mind including larabars, some fun Artisana coconut butter/oil and tahini butter, andd a couple FREE Oikos yogurts coupons!
I am most excited for the cacoa bliss butter, and the chocolate  chip brownie larabar :) I am a choco-monster!
2. Now that the good is out of the way, and how sweet it is! I have the knee...remember when I hinted at some knee trouble earlier this week? Well, fingers crossed, it is just a slight strain and a week of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) will be the answer - but I had to miss my Wednesday night LUNA run, which really put a dagger in my heart, and I had to skip my run this AM, when the weather was oh so perfect...thank goodness my bed was comfy and it willed me to stay put.
Yes, that is my icing my knee in my cube with a fleece blanket on...the ice is cold and I am wearing a dress get the picture
I have a half marathon on the schedule for Sunday, that I will be able to run if it is just a little strain, with a fitted brace, and I won't be going for the gold, so I think a walk/jog will suffice.  I also have a Dr. appt. with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning, to get a yay or nay and an accurate diagnosis (instead of me sitting here whinig and not knowing what is wrong and probably running too early if something really is wrong).  I know an orthopedic surgeon is a big first step for consultation on this, but you need to know my history with my knees and why I go to the big guy first...

I have had 4 surgeries, all before I graduated high school (the first knee before I was even in high school!), 1 on my left knee to repair my ACL (torn completely) and to clean up torn meniscus, and 3 on my right knee to repair my other ACL (torn completely) and clean up torn meniscus (1 to repair the ACL, 2 more irrigation & debridement surgeries to clean up an infection from the new ACL - a cadaver - eh - that's a story for another day) - so when I was doing jumping jacks last week, and I felt the exact moment it tweaked (there was no pop, no sharp pain, just this instant ache), I slightly freaked out inside and did the smart thing....tried to run....woops - so now that the achiness hasn't subsided, all week, and I had some swelling behind the knee - I am going to the big guy...

3. Is this the random part? Hurricane Irene is going to throw another dagger through my heart if I am able to run this half on Sunday....wish me luck that I don't get blown into another state! Random thought of the it strange I am slightly freaking out more about the weather on Sunday than my ortho appt tomorrow?

Stay safe out there everyone!!!

Have you ever had major surgery? Are you more tentative with that body part now?

I am usually pretty good with my knees, but when the pain/achiness doesn't go away, even with rest...I cringe

Are you experiencing the effects of Irene?  

It is windy as heck, and the storm isn't even supposed to hit up here until Saturday/Sunday!


  1. you rest that knee girl!! fingers crossed that it's just a strain. but please, please listen to your body!

  2. 4 giveaways!!!! Damn, girl! That is amazing!!! I've never had major surgery. I've hurt my shoulder and tweaked my knee and definitely am hypersensitive when it comes to those areas, though! I can only imagine how you feel!
    Good luck this weekend on your half!

  3. I loove gotein and fiber one cereal, good wins!

    You lucky duck....

  4. Lucky girl with the giveaways, that's awesome! Take care of that knee! No effects of Irene around here, although some rain would be welcome.


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