Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday and that forgotten plan...

Remember when I told you my marathon training plan called for an unconventional week, but then I never told you about it?! No? Good, well then forget that and how I just waited until Thursday to post my weekly training plan...

Marathon Training Plan Week #7:

As you can see, there is no strength training on there, there is a bit of "core work", and I am, wait, I  long run in the middle of the week (yes, if you follow me, that was a long run on Sunday and another one on Thursday, no, my legs are not happy with me).  The reasoning for such a sporadic week of training boils down to life...I have two weddings, back to back, this weekend, for two sets of really good friends...therefore, my friends and their special days trump my training, and I am OK with that.

I only have 2 goals with my training this week: 
  • Get 30+ miles in - I finally broke the 30-mile barrier, and I want to keep it up so my legs become used to it, including my long run.
  • Get in my core work each day, so I can keep up with my "30 day core work Challenge" that I chose to start after inspiration from Michelle last week. This is why I have "Core Work" on each day's plan, to motivate and hold me accountable for completing them each day.
Now that I finally got that out of the way....3 Things Thursday it is!

1.          On my long run today, I accomplished a few cool things...1) Successfully completed 20 miles, my longest miles yet! 2) I ran with my good friend Chris, who is also running Newport with me, and who is also the GROOM in wedding #1 (tomorrow).  3) We ran into Tonia from Racing with Babes in Providence, RI !!! I saw her skirt and socks first and thought, nice style, and then when we passed each other, her fire red hair jolted my memory and I looked at Chris and yelled said "that's racing with babes!" and she kindly turned around and shouted back, "Yes, yes it is!" Score! Not only did we run into each other, she even left me the sweetest comment letting me know it made her day - well T, you definitely made my day! Chris had to keep telling me to slow down the next mile or two because I was so excited!  

2.          I will be MIA this weekend online because I have back to back weddings, one in RI and one in Western MA, and to top it off, Tripp is in one of them - so we will be pack rats and hotel and tent dwellers, but we will not be I hope you don't de-friend me, and we stay friends so you can read my weekly recap on Monday :) Thanks!

3.          After today's long run, I have run 45 miles in the past 5 days (that is more than I have ever done in a week - 7 days) and I have run more than a marathon in 16 hours....if legs could cry, mine would be bawling...

I didn't have any good photos, so I thought I would mix it up and make it exciting with different colors :) I am off to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, so I will bid you farewell...I will try to write this weekend, but look forward to a few awesomely photographic recap posts (training week #7, wedding #1, and wedding #2)

Are you having an unconventional week? Do you get anxious when you have to re-arrange your training?

I had to miss all workouts on Tuesday because of an unexpected work dinner after a full day meeting...I was really anxious, but I took a breath and realized work is a higher priority than training, so I just bumped Wed.'s run up to 7 to make up for the miles and I felt a lot better!

Have you been having a wedding-full summer?

Everyone keeps telling me that I am "at that age"....


  1. You are a running machine, woman! This year has been pretty wedding-free, it's a little weird to be honest!

  2. AHHHH GIRL!! CONGRATS ON YOUR 20 MILER....that is awesome and so cool you saw a blogger. You have run so so much this week, I am going to live through YOU!

  3. How cool that you saw T!!! I feel like I need to go home so I can see all of you ladies!!! Congrats on your 20 miler!! The year I got married we went to 8 summer weddings!!!

  4. you are amazing for rocking out your 18 and 20 just days a part! way to go! you will love it this weekend though when you can rest and live it up at those weddings!! have a great weekend!

  5. CONGRATS on your 20 miler- holy hell, woman! That is soooo long. How did you feel afterwards? DId you run with anyone else??? I do get anxious when things aren't in my control- fitness wise. I always like to plan out my week of fitness and get anxiety when plans get in the way! Good for you for getting it all done though!
    I am a wedding machine- the last 4 years I've been to at least 8 weddings per year! Thank God I actually like them! Good food, booze, and dancing.. what's not to love :)

  6. Nice job on your 20 miler and SO cool that you saw Tonia!

    We're done with weddings for the year, but early summer was jam packed with them.

    p.s. definitely get new compression sleeves! I had a pair of zensah's too and the smalls were huge, I LOVE CEPs though.


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