Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Friday - are you training too fast?

Thanks for all of the compliments on my new winnings! I am pretty excited about them too! If you want to check out some on going, pretty awesome giveaways to try your hand at winning a little something something for yourself, you should definitely keep an eye on my little giveaway widget (located on right side bar - there is one from Vanessa, Christina (and because she is badass this one too!),  Katy, Teamarcia, Julia (who is also running the St. George Marathon this weekend - so go wish her luck!!), and Amanda....

Now that I am exhausted just reading that...let's get down to business.  If you have been following along in this random journey I am living over here, you are well aware I have been battling some tendinitis and ITB issues affecting my knee.  The cause? Overtraining....I was going too hard, too fast, too often...I messed up, and I am OK to say that now, but it has taken a couple of weeks of crying, moping and cursing to get here.  One thing I always think about though, regardless of the situation...there is always a lesson to be had.  For me? I know I didn't rest enough...a rest day for me still has me jumping all around the place, getting too little sleep and stressing out my lesson? I need to relax, rest and recoup...
Maybe I should take some pointers from him?
My lesson for you? Listen to the body, are you tired? Are you sore? Have you been going non-stop for days...weeks?  Do you know how fast is too fast, and what the ideal pace for your training is? I know I didn't...I couldn't tell you my 5k pace if you were tempting me with a bag of candy and a bottle of wine...
B Fills - Candy in a small glass candy champagne bottle.
Or a wine bottle full of candy
That's why I got so excited to find this calculator from Runner's World, that lets you plug in your latest distance time, and it gives you back a list of ideal pacing for every type of distance...I was running long runs too quickly, some of them by almost a minute! I was running tempo runs too fast, leading to exhaustion when I got home.  I think this is a great tool for all runner's, whether they are just starting out, or have been running for years.  Speeds change, so your body might not be as fast as it was 10 years ago, or maybe it is even faster!  I am not saying to not give it your all, but I am saying be reasonable with the goods you got.
Attack of the Speedy Gonzalez Bug?
Another great article RW just put out, is about recognizing overtraining, before it is too late...before you are going to PT 2 x a week, and seeing surgeons and getting MRIs or X your body and it will do it's best to love you back....

Just some thoughts for you to ponder while you head into the weekend, and get ready for your long runs or races (Rachelle, Julia, Cory, and Candice are all running the St. George Marathon tomorrow, so wish them luck!!)...and a final thought to leave you with....


  1. I do like the McMillan running calculator! It gives good recommendations for different paces.

    But honestly, I don't look at it super often. I just make sure that I take a LOT of rest days. I run my long runs at a conversational pace, as long as it's mostly comfortable. I do my long easy recovery runs at a slug's pace and try not to even look at my garmin. I sort of play it by ear and try to listen to my body!
    And I've been SUPER lucky so far this year and really really hope to remain injury free until the marathon in November. Here's hoping...

  2. Great blog post! I always only go hard one day a week and keep the rest of my runs at a steady pace. It works for me!

  3. I use my HRM fairly often and keep track of my pace with my heart rate - then translate that perceived effort into time. It seems to work for me.

  4. Hmm I'm definitely going to try that calculator out! I always wondered about my speed during training runs! I got injured real bad from overtraining last year and definitely learned my lesson. I was supposed to run today but my ankles and shins were killing so I took a day off my legs and just did some upper body strength. Listening to the body is so important and it's great to have constant reminders! Thanks!

  5. I can't wait to use this calculator! what a great post, I am totally following. glad I found you :D


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