Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Focus on: Cross-Cycle

I have been really lucky this week, because thanks to roomie Jenna, I have been able to try out one of the most phenomenal gyms I have ever been in (ok, ok, it is thee most phenomenal gym I have ever been in), Equinox.
I am not sure if you have been to one before, or have heard of them, but they have the best of the best in instructors and Trainers, their equipment is top notch, they have eucalyptus scented cool towels for post workout and they have some pretty incredible branded workout classes - one of those being the cross-cycle class, a spin-class/bootcamp fusion, that not only keeps your heart rate pumping, but gets you pretty sweaty and fatigued in the hour of class you burn through. 

Taken from their website:
Get ready for a complete endurance, strength, and conditioning program fit for fitness enthusiasts looking for the complete package all in one class! A progressive class using a bike for simulated outdoor rides in combination with weighted Body Bar exercises which focus on each muscle group.
Let me tell you - even with me modifying this for my hurting left leg - I felt the burn like no other! There is no stopping in this class, just keep pushing until that hour is up.  I seriously didn't think I would be able to pedal out the last 2 minutes he made us do on the bike, but I got through it and creepily was smiling the whole time - boy do I miss endorphins and the feeling of pushing yourself to the limit!
The class starts out with a warm up on the bike, or on the mat (next to your bike) and then you jump right into it! There are intervals on the bike with resistance and speed for about 5 minutes, then you hit the mat with exercises like squats (w/ the body bar), curls, shoulder presses, push-ups, burpees, tricep extensions, dips, more push-ups, burpees, one-legged squats, more push-ups for 5 - 10 minutes, then back on the bike for more intervals, and then back to the mat - you get the idea.  The fatigue you feel towards the end, is the same fatigue you get from a Tabata workout, but you push through it...it is one of those classes, you just know there is going to be a killer (in a good way) afterburn.

The only negative I have, which in reality is kind of  a positive for my morning routine in general, was the time of class was at an ungodly hour for me, 6:15 - which means I was up at 5:30 this morning.  I know this isn't super early for a lot of athletes, but for me, it was a tad bit earlier than my eyes wanted to function (it also may have been worsened by the fact that I stayed up to watch the football game - GO PATS - at a friend's house and didn't pack my bag and get to bed until midnight....woopsie!)
If you  have a chance to check out one of these gyms in your area (I believe they are in Boston, CT, NYC, DC, FL, Chicago, Dallas, SoCal and NoCal), do it....they have the most motivating classes and instructors and are impeccable!

I am not sure if the cross-cycle is offered at all of the clubs, but it is a fantastic way to mix up a typical spin session and fit in strength training when you are pressed for time.  I might even try to re-create it when I return to my home gym, the BSC.  As long as you have a body bar, and a spin bike (I believe any types of weights would work well too - it all depends on what type of strength moves you want to do in between time on the bike).

My leg feels alright post-workout (I did some elliptical and pilates last night so I am definitely sore), but nothing worse than what is scarily becoming normal.  I have another Dr. appointment with the surgeon on Friday, so let's hope all goes well - if not, I am going to need to re-evaluate a few things running-wise...

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Have you ever done a fusion type spinning class? 

Never, but I now know how to break up a mundane solo bike session at my own gym!

Have you ever tried an Equinox gym (or other luxury type facility - LA Fitness or the such)?

I go with Jenna to Equinox occasionally, it has been a good year since I last tried it out though! I am seriously in love with it, would just need the budget for it....


  1. I'm so jealous you have been using Equinox. I would give anything to go there!

  2. I used to teach an ABCycle class- Abs, Back, and Cycle- but this sounds AWESOME!!! I love that it is intervals. It's so up my alley.
    I've heard Equinox is RIDIC. Don't all the celebs go there??? :)You are famous! And 6:15 is way too god damn early. You deserve a medal.

  3. that sounds like a really great class! (minus the burpees. they're the devil)

  4. The only time I went to Equinox is when we were in Chicago and one was attached to our hotel. awesomeness. That class sounds fab. I used to go to a spin class that had us get off the bike and go run brick intervals. Hard!
    My heart goes out to you with that leg! Everything crossed you heal up and rock your race!

  5. awwwww....thanks for the shoutout! you are fabulous! that class sounds intense. classes never fail to amaze me...i am always WORN OUT after them :) thinking of you and hoping for the best for you on friday! sending positive thoughts!

  6. ugh, getting up at 5:30. That's when I have to get up for work, not a fan of that hour...but then it feels so great when your workout is over and done with!


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