Monday, September 12, 2011

Mindless Monday: Salutation Nation, some big news! and a Relaxing Sunday

Mindless is how I feel, I am a little tired, I am a little sore (but it feels good!), I am a little out of it...

4 weeks until I head to Newport, and after an early morning PT session, I am still not running.  There are conversations over it being due to calf tightness, hamstring tightness, ITB tightness, Popitileus strainm and all of the is a frustrating path this overtraining recovery, and all I would really like to know is...when the heck can I lace up my running shoes to hit the pavement, not the elliptical treads or the bike pedals...or the yoga mat (not that I wear sneakers in yoga or anything...I don't) or the weight room...

So since I won't be writing a weekly recap of marathon training, again.... I thought I would share the awesome weekend I had instead, since that was pretty rockin' and almost made me forget about the pain in my leg...almost...

Friday was a nice and relaxing dinner at home with Tripp, with one glass of red wine (I know, only one I swear!) and some personal size grilled pizzas.  It was nice to get a full  night's sleep, because roomie Jenna and I had a lot on the agenda for Saturday, and it was going to start bright and early (not as early as my long run would have been, but I said I was not going to talk about running)....

First on the agenda was a trip to equinox  (heaven that is a spa and gym and did I mention heaven?)  for some early morning sweat sesh and a pilates class, taught by the absolutely amazing instructor Jennifer Phelan.  Thanks to Jenna, who is a long-time member, I was able to score a week-long trial membership and enjoy the amenities of this phenomenal gym!  I started out with a quick spin class.  Well the class was actually an hour, but since I didn't want to miss out on Pilates, I left 25 minutes bad....there was some sort of accident though on her way into the gym, so class was cancelled...bummer! (good news though, I get to try out her class tonight after all!)

It was not a total waste of a morning though, because, as I mentioned above, we had a lot on the plate for today! We headed off early to pick up some essentials for our next activity, Salutation Nation.  It was a global  event put on by LuluLemon, which consisted of a total community yoga experience. In the Boston area, this took place in the Boston Commons, right next to the large pavillion.  Elsewhere, this took part on something like 5 different continents at the same exact time!!! That is right, people gathered all over the world to practice an hour of yoga, together!

In Boston, this ended up being 12 noon, on a gorgeous sunny day - so it was a little hot and sweaty, but made for a fantastic sunny workout!  Seriously, I think I pushed myself harder in this yoga class than I have in a lot of the hot power yogas I go to! My butt and shoulder blades were feeling it yesterday and even today!
The class was taught by the owner of Back Bay Yoga, and it was their famous "Hip Hop Yoga" format.  So there were massive speakers and some DJ's posted up on the pavilion, blasting music to the masses.  She kept yelling "let your butt smile to the sun" when we were in downward dog, I got a nice chuckle, but horrible mental picture from that one!
I also know exactly why my butt feels like I did some Susan Summer's workout, so I shouldn't be too surprised with the feeling I have every time I try to cross or lift my legs....every time we were in chair pose (which was a lot more than I am used to), she told us to wiggle our butts to the music, which was hip hop, so you know there was some PG gyrating going on.
My leg held up the whole time, and I felt really good (that is big news, since I had done some spin class, walked a bunch, and just finished an hour of intense yoga poses) - must have been that sexy kinesio tape I had popping out my calf the whole time....

After this, we packed it up and rushed to the car (we were on a strict time schedule!) and made it to costco as the perfect time for samples....and here is the big news!! Jenna and I are now the proud owners of our very own Costco membership cards....I know, I know, this is a big step, but we feel that we have been living together for a sufficient amount of time without this luxury in our lives, so we took the plunge :)

The next challenge was getting in, signing up for membership cards and getting out within an hour or less! Guess what? We did it...well almost...maybe an hour and 10 :)

Final stop on the journey was home, to prep for the end of summer BBQ we were throwing to say bu-bye to summer grilling and beers and hello to fall wonders of baking and pumpkins (yes and pumpkin beers :) ).  This also doubled as a birthday bash for a certain new neighbor of mine :) The only pictures of the night I took were of food, and they were pretty much the highlight of the here you go!
Stupid admission....I didn't realize the melons were actually bigger at Costco too! 

Our friend Christine made this cake, she is pretty much a cake making genious, she also designs bridges and walls in her free time....The birthday girl is a Green Bay Packers fan...we didn't hate on her because it was her bday :)
Since this post is getting super long, and you could probably imagine how the night ended (there was a bowl of sangria, a cooler jug - the ones you see on the sidelines of sports games - full of skinny girl margaritas and an extra large cooler of beer).

Sunday was a little tough to get motivated for, I contemplated laying in bed until dinner time, but the sunny warm day was calling me, and who knows how many more of these we will have! So Tripp and I manned up, had lots of toast and water and headed for a walk to the local Sunday market, the SOWA market.  It is more of an artsy market loaded with food truck rather than farmers market, but it is awesome all the same!
Food Truck heaven!
Just a portion of the artsy booths!
After that we walked home (Tripp bought some smoked Tuna we had to get on ice) and chilled out for a few hours before walk #2.  In which we saw the sunset, and then bought some last minute essentials for my first attempt at soup went well, I think....
 I made a Lentil soup, adopted from some recipe site I can't remember, sooo no recipe today.  Let's just say, the wait was worth it, but geezum soup takes a long time to "simmer"!!!!
In the mix: lentils, barley, apple chicken sausage, celery, carrots, onions, herbs, s&p, garlic, EVOO, musdhrooms and eggplant.

Did you get a chance to participate in a salutation nation near you?

I would definitely do this again next year, such a cool experience - also I think I tried a lot harder than in class because there were massive amounts of spectators, haha

Do you get frustrated when the farmer's market, doesn't actually have a lot of fresh food/veggies/fruit?

a little, but I have gone to this one enough to expect it now


  1. Let me tell you how bummed I am that my free trial membership to BJ's just expired yesterday. I love those types of stores and I think I may have to buy a real annual membership....

    They have amazing deals on Chobani greek yogurt, great little serving sizes of protein to take to work.

    That fruit plate looks deeelicious, all the food that you showed was very photogenic :)

    Lastly, lentil soup is something that I always enjoy making. It's great to make a large batch and then be able to have a delicious meal the rest of the week without having to do the work.

  2. ahhhhhh. i dont have a costco membership but am obsessed with Sam's. that cake may be the most amazing thing i have ever seen.

    YES about farmer's markets. i also hate when they dont have a lot of things for me to taste/try! haha!

    thinking of you friend and ALWAYS sending you healing thoughts!

  3. the salutation nation sounds so cool! i would love to do yoga outside in a large group like that. and hip hop yoga? that sounds crazy (in a good way!)

    i hope you get some good news soon with your leg pain.

  4. I get especially frustrated when nothing is organic and everything is waxy (like the apples especially!). Bad farmer's markets are so disappointing! Congrats on the Costco card... jealous!!


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