Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newport Food and Wine Festival Recap

So I was a little tired yesterday, but for good reason...
I spent a few days with way too many catamaran sailors to watch the conclusion of the North American F18 Championships, where these guys....
Got 2nd place...
For doing this...
I think I am more proud than he is...I am kind of his superfan :)  After the sailing wrapped up, our weekend wasn't just amping up...

My newlywed friends, Chris & Katie, invited a few of us to experience the Newport Food and Wine Festival.  Now, I love wine, and I love good food, so I was a bit in heaven at the prospect of enjoying both together, at a gorgeous seaside mansion to boot!
The event took place all weekend, but we attended the 12-4 showing on Sunday (heck yes Sunday Funday). The weather was supposed to be rainy and overcast, but it held out to a partly cloudy, crisp hotter than usual, fall day.
I promise we didn't try to match in oddly Valentine's Day looking clothing...
It took place at the Marble House Mansion, which was Mr. & Mrs. Vanderbilt's house in the late 1800s.  There was an expansive view of the water (along the Newport Cliff Walk) and Mrs. Vanderbilt's addition (to hold a women's suffrage fundraiser I believe), the infamous Chinese Tea House
Christmas Card?
Sam: "I don't like the tea house, don't take a picture of the tea house, at least not with me in it!" Sorry Sam....
As soon as you walk into the massive front entrance, you are handed a reusable shopping bag to keep track of any drunken finds purchases or particular pamphlets of interest (what wines or restaurants we liked) throughout the show, along with the prize of the day, the coveted event wine glass (I was pretty excited, because we went to the Newport Wine Fest - which is a totally different event entirely - last year, and fought the woman who took my wine glass back at the end of the show....WTF woman?!)
I tasted some delicious drinks with that guy....
I also enjoyed an unhealthy amount of a few tasty morsels....
And hung out with some phenomenal friends
Katie and Jeff
Lindsay and Mike - The Stella Artoise booth was giving out full pints of Stella, Leffe, and Hoegarden...heaven

Tripp and Katie
Sam and Chris - sailing partners on Lil Evil
Oh, and this hottie :)
Such a great weekend, spectacular event, and overall thumbs up time!  If you have the chance to get to Newport, RI, definitely check out the mansions, the cliff walk, and try to catch one of the many festivals they hold every year!

Huge thank you to Chris and Katie (& Katie's Dad) for hooking us up with those phenomenal tickets (and for letting me stay over the night before, go out to dinner with you, pass out at 10 watching Finding Nemo and for the pancakes you made me for bfast before the event!)
Have you ever been to a food & wine festival?

I have been to a beer fest, and a wine fest, but never so many deliciously edible things under one tent!

Have you ever seen the Newport Mansions?

Are you a classy eater, or shovel it all in?


  1. wow what a cool weekend! I love seeing new events because it gives me all kinds of ideas!

    I am generally a pretty neat eater..i think, maybe I should ask!

  2. Look's like a fabulous time. so jealous! Denise.

  3. how fun! i love that everyone is a j. crew model to boot.

  4. 2nd place! Very cool. I've never been to a food and wine festival, but I live in wine country so I'm going to have to do something about that soon!!

  5. this all sounds incredible! so sad that i barely missed out on this festival :) i think i am obsessed with Newport, RI after only 1 trip. seriously so fun!

  6. catalina wine mixer!? this looks so fun!


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