Monday, September 5, 2011

A Note of Thanks

I am a little speechless and blown away by how awesome you guys are and how motivational and inspiring to boot.  I want to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who were supportive and compassionate when I admitted how down and out I was feeling about my injury.  The thing is, your words and support, were just what I needed to pull my mind out of the downward spiral it was embarking on, and realize a few important points about the injury, as it is today and about the balanced lifestyle, I thought I had learned to live.

  • I have gone through much worse physically, potentially career ending injuries, and persevered through to dominate those sports a year later.  There are worse injuries I could have gotten, but I am still blessed with being able to walk and eventually being able to get back into the sports and activities I enjoy.  
  • This was a mental blow, more than a physical blow - I mentally gave up last week, when I couldn't get my mind off of this pain...and that isn't me, I am NOT a quitter, in fact, that is what made me more upset at first, is that it hurts to fail, to feels ten times better to pick myself up, put together a game plan and figure out how to succeed the next time around.
  • You were right Rachelle, writing down your thoughts, and being true to yourself and your feelings...SO POWERFUL!  Since I shared these feelings with you guys, I have truly felt better, lighter, more in control.  I concentrated on work when I needed to, friends when I needed to, and love when I needed to, the fog of my depressed thoughts was lifted, if not completely, a significant amount.
  • FRIENDS are POWERFUL - virtual and real, they make the true you shine through and get past the nagging thoughts of failure, injury and defeat....and make you realize strengths, loves and potential
  • It is a vicious cycle Elle, the more I thought about my knee throbbing, the bigger the throbbing got, the more I concentrated on different goals and interests, the less the knee throbbed and more I smiled...
  • Yes Julia, injuries, losses of loved ones, hard times in general are unfair, but after recognizing that, yes it is unfair, in order to get through you must...Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive - there is always something worse, something harder, something greater than you can handle...this doesn't have to be it...
  • Rest is good - embrace it as another part of training, and listen to your body when it tells you it needs some!

As online and in-person friends and supporters, you guys have made me laugh, smile, cry, and I thank lifted me up when I needed it and I am truly happy for this space to share with you and be there for you in return.
As you might know, I am a sucker for get really happy and emotional at a good sunset...well, as I mentioned last week, Tripp really has been a trooper this past week, and we planned a romantic sunset cruise for two...trying to cheer me up and keep us active...which resulted in two types of sunset cruising...

Well last Monday night, we were too late for the first planned sunset cruise, thanks to poor navigation of the T system, and we missed it...but we still got to meet up with some of our friends at the Charles River who were at Community Boating and jump on their sailboat for a true sunset cruise and even a stroll through the Esplanade (a pretty public park space, spanning a large section of the Charles in downtown Boston).

After working up an appetite from sailing and drinking in the scenery, we headed over to South Boston to use up a deal coupon I had been holding onto, this one was a Boston Deals, at a South Boston staple, Amhreins, for dinner and drinks with friends.  Amhreins has one of the oldest untouched bars in Boston! It is an amazing site, and their food isn't too shabby either :)

Sunset cruise #2 recap to come...stay tuned!


 Do you like sunset or sunrise better?

It is a hard choice, but I will have to go with sunsets :) I just swoon over them!

Do you have any good "deal" sites around you? Think Groupon,, LivingSocial?

We have too many to count now, it seems EVERYONE is giving deal coupons like hot cakes!


  1. Such beautiful photos! So glad you are feeling better! Keep focusing on the positive and things will turn around before you know it.

    I think I like sunsets better too! There's something so special about them!

  2. I just read your last post. Big hugs to you girl. It is SO hard. Mentally more than anything. I love KA's quote. hard to swallow sometimes, but so true.
    Gosh I love both sunrise and sunset. I'll go with sunrise, cuz I see them most often! : )

  3. I think I like sunsets better. You sure deserved a good one!


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