Monday, September 19, 2011

Patience is a Virtue I Need to Master

Thank you all so, so much for the kind words and encouragement.  I am still a little confused, but need to be patient, really patient and you all help me get through like you wouldn't believe.

So I left you all a little in the dark, but there is a reason for that.  I am still mostly in the dark myself - about what I can/can't do, what in fact is wrong, and what I need to do, to heal.  The only thing I know right now, is that there are two defects/tears in my meniscus, one of which where the cartilage is worn through, and I have another appointment with another surgeon on Thursday (on a side note, I was beyond lucky to get an appointment so quickly, I called just this morning!).

The surgery the first Dr. wanted me to get, is a surgery with a low success rate and a very long, intensive rehab.  Not the ideal option, but if it means I won't have chronic knee pain at the age of 24, then I am willing to give it a try.  I want to be active well into my life, and don't want to start thinking about knee replacements down the road.

However, once I spoke with a couple of PT's about the results and what the surgeon had told me, I have now decided to get a second opinion before making any decisions...about the surgery, about the marathon, about staying with the surgeon, etc... If ever a Dr. tells you that the answer is surgery, or if in your gut, you know there is something else, ALWAYS get a second opinion.

So until I see the second Dr. and get another round of diagnosis and treatment suggested, I am going to continue to go to PT twice a week, to build up the supportive muscles (hips, hamstrings, calves) to have overall leg health, whether I need surgery or not.  I am also going to try to get back up in mileage, slowly, and see how I feel - before, during, after - if there is a lot of pain at any point, especially after, I will back off and wait for deeper answers.  As the results stand, easy running will not hurt me any further, and can be done to toleration.  So far I have gotten two runs in, and felt really good during and after (besides feeling a little more winded and heavier on my feet than before - but that is to be expected with 4 full weeks off from running).

Tonight was my second run, and I am a little tired, but I got in a really great run.  I made it 4.5 miles in 35 minutes, with a 7:46 pace.  It is a bit quicker than I intended, but it felt natural, not forced and not painful.  I am happy with the run, and excited to see how I feel in the morning.

I stretched, drank lots of water and iced during dinner.  Right now I feel OK, a little sore, but not painful.  This is a big step for me, and I am trying to be hopeful.  I even wore my Zensah calf sleeves for the run, to keep the calf and shin pain down.  I don't know how well the sleeves worked, but my calves feel good and my shins are only a little tight.
If you look close, you can see the ACL scars on both knees, slight scar lines on the medial (inner) side of the knee.
I am hoping for the best in this, and again, your comments are more than appreciated and helping to keep me sane through this ordeal.  I will keep you guys as updated as I can along this journey, and I hope you all stick around, because I promise this blog will be back to its normal active, and mostly positive self :)

What do you think about second opinions?

Sometimes I get nervous that the Dr. will be offended, but I have to remind myself, that my well-being is the number one priority.

What are your favorite type of calf sleeves?

I have Zensah and McDavid, I haven't seen world changing effects when I wear them or don't wear them, but maybe I have too big of a size?


  1. i think getting a second opinion is a great idea. hopefully it'll give you some reassurance and maybe other options? i'm glad you got to get out there and run (and that pace! wow!). i use 2xu compression sleeves, which i like and feel like my calves recover more quickly, but they pinch at the top (too tight on my man calves most likely!!)

  2. I am so so glad you were able to run and that the pain was minimal. That is a very good sign. I don't think a second opinion can ever hurt. I would definitely take it easy and continue icing, compressing, stretching, and elevating. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

  3. FRIEND! i have missed reading your blog SO MUCH and hate that I have been SO MIA lately. I am sorry! I thought I saw on twitter that you ran today ;) so glad to hear that you feel okay and I am glad you are getting a second opinion and taking everything one step at a time. Thinking of you lots and sending you positive thoughts as always!

  4. I'd be more scared of surgery than of hurting someone's feelings... although the flowers and candy people would likely give me wouldn't hurt ;-) I say solider on to Doctor #2! What have you got to lose, right?


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