Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tale of Two Weddings, Take 2

Sorry for being MIA with the part 2 of this wedding album fun, but I was stuck here all day
No, I am not in trouble...I just had to sit in a jury waiting room ALL DAY! Actually we got out around 2, but still...just sitting there in silence for 6 hours was brutal, and we didn't even get to see a trial! (Yes, I know this is good news because if I was asked to sit on a trial I would probably still be sitting in that courthouse, but it would have at least been a reason to sit there for so long!).

I hope you enjoyed the picture story of Chris and Katie's big day! It was truly a blessing to be included in this celebration and it was beyond elegant...

But now, I would love to show you the other side of beauty, the simplistic, clean, gorgeous wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Greg & Bridget L.

Ashfield, MA August 20, 2011
Wedding Day: Prep
My Dad thought it would be cute to take prom style photos

I have one of these (minus a Tripp) from my 8th grade farewell and prom!
 Wedding Day: Ceremony
The transportation...yellow short buses
The location: gorgeous pond on family's property
The arrival of the groom's men and groom :)
The entertainment while we waited...
the bridesmaids....they wore flip flops! How cute :) The pathway was made up of fresh cut sunflowers!
The Bride, w/ the Father of the Bride and the hand-off

Just take a look at the gorgeousness that was their day!

And now for my favorite picture!!
Sheer beauty and happiness!
Wedding Day: The Reception
Arriving in country style :)
Happily Ever After....
The End...


Have you ever been to the Berkshires? They are really stunning!

Would you rather arrive at your wedding in a limo or a tractor?


  1. A tractor is so fun!!! We used trolleys for ours!!

  2. The bridesmaids dresses with the sunflowers are so attention-grabbing... love the combo!

    As for wedding vehicle, I want to get married on a beach so maybe a dune buggy? :-)


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