Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday - Bliss, speed and Mama Peas to the Rescue

1. Second Opinions - huge fan...needless to say I'm on cloud9 compared to last week's Dr. Visit, which left me in shambles thinking I had to get this very invasive, tough to rehab surgery. Don't get me wrong, if that's what I needed to do, I would do it in a heartbeat and persevere (thanks Julia - she wrote a great piece on what perseverance means) through the surgeries (yes, there would have been two! One scope and one invasive cartilage transplant)and the rehab, all so that I could continue to be active the rest of my life.
So stoked after Luna run last night, don't know what I would do, if I didn't have those girls and that team :)
But today, the new Dr. Took one look at the MRI and the MRI results and promptly said, there is no reason at all to give a surgery. Maybe down the road we may have to revisit the cartilage degeneration, but at this point in time, all I was suffering from, was some knee tendinitous and borderline ITB syndrome (very borderline).  I know I say this like it is no big deal, which in reality, it is something that needs good rest and healing - I am just so happy it isn't the original diagnosis, which would have been a lot more detrimental to my active lifestyle.
so stoked when I got home, I could barely contain it...don't mind the br pic...
Whoa! That is a 180 from the first answer I received last week! This diagnosis does not mean I am in the clear though, I may not be able to complete the marathon, but I am cleared to attempt it, and if I get any pain above a 3 on the 1-10 pain scale (10 being the worst) I will need to drop out and get a DNF, and I will need to be ok with that possibility - which I believe I am (sorry Tripp, we arentgoing to be out of there in under 4 hours, but hopefully you will see me cross that finish line!)

The Dr. Told me to do killer cross training and take it easy on the runs, that I will be able to build up my endurance and muscle endurance through cycling and the elliptical and that I should be running every third or fourth day. He told me to "get on that bike, and just keep pedaling!" whew I am so excited about this news, but will continue to keep tabs on the pain and stop if I need to, unlike the last Dr., this doesn't have to be my last attempt at a marathon, he did suggest switching from long distance running to triathlons though...we shall see!

2. Sailing - Tripp is in the F18 North American Championships this week! He is currently in second, but I'm going to go down to Hyannis tonight to root him on to first! Sail fast babe!
that's him racing on Tuesday - hanging off the side :)

3. Baking - up a storm. Because I am going down to see him, in a condo with 7 other guys, I decided to bake up some treats to take down with me! I was baking all night, first my special banana bread and then I went to make brownies, but we were out of eggs - I used the last ones in the bread!
Mama Peas to the rescue and I had vegan, no egg needed brownies in the oven in no time! Thank you mama peas!

Have you ever had knee tendentious? How did you keep it under control/treat it?

What is your favorite thing to bake?

Are you a brownies from scratch or from the box kind of gal?


  1. I had PFS last year and got it right at the peak of my training for my first marathon. It was brutal and I had to give it constant TLC. Physio sessions that lasted 2-3 hours 3x a week and stretching (advised by my PT) every single day, lowered my cardio and did only cross training until race day. It was crazy but I was still able to run it. I didn't feel as prepared as I should have because my legs didn't get the mileage they needed but I finished and that's what counts! As long as you take care of it, I think you will be okay!

    I love baking cupcakes, brownies, and cookies! Anything with chocolate! Mmm chocolate chip banana bread! Totally brownies from scratch girl :)

  2. YEAH for second opinions!!! i'm so happy for you!

  3. So glad the second opinion was better news. Great call on seeing another doctor!
    I always make brownies from the box, but it's because I don't really love brownies--I make them quick and easy so hubs gets his fix!

  4. So glad the second opinion was much better!!! I've never had that but I can imagine it would just plain stink! I love baking brownies and cookies. I love to test out all different combinations of ingredients. Have a blast in Hyannis...we are just down the street!

  5. Glad you got some better news!
    I am not an "out of the box" girl...definitely !

    Hmmmm I think my favorite thing to make is tres leches cake, but it takes foevveerrr!

  6. Love the sailing! I am signed up for my first marathon and am just starting to get knee problems- I tried my first ice bath last night and I think it helped ward off some of the aches that would go with it. I eat and bake anything with sugar!

  7. Wow those guys are lucky that you are going to be down there with all those treats! I wish I were crafty like that...but I really don't bake. Must remind myself that it's never too late to learn.

    Glad the news is better. 2nd opinions are crucial.


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