Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Love Wednesday, Boston Edition

For this what I love Wednesday, I am sitting in the dark, in my office at work, waiting diligently for the power to come back on and working hard writing this post.  I still have to tell you all about sunset cruise #2 from last week and also some tidbits from the weekend, so this WILW is dedicated to my city, Boston....enjoy!


1.     If you have ever been to Boston, or even if you haven't, you may have heard about the Duck Boat Tours all over the city, they bring around tourists, MLB Champs, NHL Champs, NFL Champs :) and well, the rest of us :)  Well I have never been on a Duck Boat tour...shocking I know, I have been in and around the city for 7 years almost! So when there was a for the Duck Boats, I jumped on that deal like it was going out of business!
Our trusty Lilac Duck 
Tripp and I decided it would be a great treat last Monday night, to go on the final tour, the sunset tour of the Duck Boats...well long story short, thanks to poor navigation of the T system, we missed the last tour of the day...but as you know if you read my last post, we still got to meet up with some of our friends at the Charles River who were at Community Boating.

Safety First!
Tuesday night, we decided to give the Duck Boats another try...well low and behold, we hit the jackpot...we made it just in time to hop on (ok, Tripp was early enough to take the 5:00 tour, and I made it to the 6:00 by the skin of my teeth).  We got the big lilac boat, conDUCKted by the Cowgirl, the same captain to take the most recent champs of Boston, the Bruins, head duck boat (you know the one with Tim Thomas, the owners, and the cup?!).  She was such a riot, and Tripp and I agreed, we learned a ton from the tour we didn't know before. 
ConDUCKtor Cowgirl
I would suggest to anyone that visits Boston, and if you live in Boston and haven't been on one, to try these out...seriously, you WILL learn something new, and it is a fun/new perspective to see the city from!  You also get a cool sunset cruise at the end if you hit up the last tour of the day :)
We even saw some destruction Irene left behind!

Largest Vanity Mirror - The Hancock Tower
Oh, I love that Dirty Water....
Great view of the State House!
Sunset eye candy shot #1
Sunset eye candy #2
2.        Redsox games, especially with family you rarely get to see! 

I was getting my hair done Saturday and then planning on heading back to WMass (home) to see my parents and little sister, when my phone rang.  I quickly picked it up, because the ID said my aunt's name...which could only mean one of two things - something was wrong, or she had an important question...thank goodness it was the latter!

She had 4 tickets to the 4 pm Red Sox game and wanted to know if I was interested in joining her and my cousin Chrissy?  Ummm...yes! After a quick call home to make sure my parents weren't hurt by my decision to post-pone home for another day (don't worry, I drove home in the morning Sunday - I still saw them!), I called her back saying, yes, yes I would LOVE to go! 

Ortiz <3
I love Fenway - it is honestly a staple to check out if you are in the city.  It isn't that I am obsessed with the Red Sox, because I will admit, I don't religiously follow their seasons, but more so because the vibe of the park and the players (Ellsbury...need I say more) - I LOVE going to games!
Great seats right next to the alley the groomers sit in - got to see some behind the scenes action!
We had a great night, with a great (but LONG) game, a quick bite to eat at Remy's Sports Bar and a few too many delicious beers before heading home...Gosh I love this city!
We even saw a guy get arrested for running barefoot across the outfield!

3.       Tourist attractions in DownTown.  After my haircuct, I knew I had some time to kill so I strolled down Newbury a little bit before heading home to change.  I had to stop into NIKE town to discuss a pair of shorts that were crappy quality and falling apart (another story), and stumbled across this:

Some street performers doing some tumbling and dancing! 

They were just preparing for their grand finale, jumping over these three girls and the kid in the white shirt...they were joking around a little before hand, pretending he couldn't actually do the jump!
But he fooled was a fun little break in the day, and kind of cool to see the energy surrounding these guys!

Next up, a race recap you weren't expecting....

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  1. This is a great post, though I may be biased as a Bostonian! I'm super embarrassed that after living here my entire life, I have never done a duck boat tour!


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