Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

So I know there has been a lot of what i definitely don't love lately, but that is just a bit here is some glass half full things I am loving on this lovely humpday Wednesday!


1. Running, be it big or small: I can "run" again, for the time being, which is fantastic news...but I am to stay on flat surfaces, go slow, and keep the miles low.  This is less frustrating than not running, so I will take it...but that patience thing is tough!

2. Oatmeal bowl creations: I am only home for a couple of days this week, so I was trying to avoid a big shopping trip, which means going with the pantry ingredients and freezer, to try to make a dent (I hoard food, no big deal).  It has also been fall in full throttle, so warm breakfasts are my craving.  This means that I have been throwing whatever sounds good in a big bowl of steaming hot oats :) Which makes my tummy very's mix? oats, water, skim milk, chia seeds, cranberries (real ones, not dried), raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, and some all spice....oh, and a big spoonful of my homemade PB I ventured to make last week :)

3. Wedges: These killer, literally, wedges I picked up on clearance from Steve Madden.  Took me a couple of minutes to remember how to walk (these are the highest things I might have ever worn!), but they look cute with my outfit today and I am starting to get used to them already!
Excuse the un-pedicured and blistered feet, the shoes are what I love :)
4. Iced Coffee: Yes, I know it is fall and getting chillier out there, but I love my iced coffee, and the woman at Dunk's made this Med. Iced Toasted Almond w/ skim perfectly! Like seriously, it was perfect.  Sometimes it is too flavored or under flavored, but this was oh just right :)

Oh me? I am Drinkin a perfect iced coffee :)

5. Tires: OK, I don't love this bullet point, but it was worth a mention.  I walked out of work last night to find a flat tire, like completely flat, can't even roll slightly flat.  So I called AAA and was driving home on a donut in no time (an edible one would have been more enjoyable, but I am just happy I had a functioning one in there to get home!). To make matters brighter, I took the tire to a mechanic this morning and he found the culprit, a teeny tiny nail (really?!) and fixed the tire, good as part? free!  Seriously, if you live in or around South Boston - go to Fran's Auto, it is hands down fantastic service!

this type of donut = no love :(
6. workmanship: I have to really appreciate the hard work going into cleaning up South Boston.  They are re-doing the low income housing to nice updated buildings, and they are fully re-modeling Andrew's Square to beautify the area.  I also am very impressed at the detail these workers are putting into this re-modeling.  I believe they put these all down by hand, there were two or three guys on hands and knees adjusting this pattern, if you look hard in the photo.

look at that detail! No mom, I was not driving - I was at a stop light...
What are you loving this Wednesday, week, fall?

Do you know how to change a flat tire?

I have AAA because I don't...or more so, don't have the patience to.

What is your favorite iced coffee flavor?

My roomie in college turned me on to toasted almond and I haven't turned back since...but I do occasionally get the snickerdoodle at the cafes in Southie :)


  1. Love this, your oatmeal bowl creations AND your awesome wedges!! Seriously, the oatmeal looks SOOO delish :)

  2. Great stuff! Wow on the wedges and big woot for running!
    I did know how to change a car tire (not a bike one though) but I've never done it without help.


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