Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

This Wednesday is just a random love of sorts, including a lot of food, friends, and more food...seems to be the theme of my posts lately...don't worry though, I still am moving and fact I did a whole hour on the spin bike last night, without a class to push me...just my smartphone with all of your lovely blogs, and a last minute rescue partner (Mike, Tripp's sailing partner came to spin next to me for my last 35 or so minutes!!).

So without further ado...I have been thoroughly enjoying these....
Especially the "Lauren's Mega Nuts" flavor...don't get any wrong ideas...its the pistachios, I swear!  These are still left over from the awesome package I won from the lovely Mel
topped off with a couple of these....

Larabar was nice enough to send me not one of their Jocalat bars to sample, but all 4 flavors!!!  Stay tuned for a review coming soon!!
I might be excited to try this one in particular....loveee hazelnuts! Thanks Larabar!
 And washed down with a little of this....
strawberry & basil w/ some prossecco?? Yes, please!
With these ladies...
Roomie Jenna, me, Allison, Al's friend from home Caley, and Emily (who came up from NYC this week to visit and celebrate)
New restaurant in the city started by the Hell's Kitchen competitor  Jason Santos (you know, the one with the blue hair)
To celebrate her...
Allison and her fiance Matt got engaged earlier this summer, but we hadn't properly celebrated yet...
The food was truly phenomenal to boot....
My Escalor, polenta and fennel
Jenna's duck confit with sticky rice and asian salad on top!
Ever heard of a breadzel? Me neither until now...
Pretzel flavored roll with salt on top! Thanks for modeling Em :)
And who doesn't like a check that comes in a shot glass...w/ lollipops...

All in all, I am loving some great things this Wednesday....hope you are too!

What are you loving this Wednesday?!

Any big races coming up this weekend?


  1. okay the check thing is seriously cool! and the food looks amazing. and you and your friends look gorgeous! today i am loving a sunshine day and looking forward to a run with the pup later :)

  2. So many awesome things about this post...I don't know where to start. The check is very cool, but I am more focused on the strawberries, basil and prosecco. YES PLEASE!

  3. That food looks amazing!!

    My weekend is going to full of a Metric Marathon! I've never done that distance before and I don't even know what's a good time, so I'm excited. :)


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