Friday, October 14, 2011

Freak Out Friday

OK, so the freak out is setting in...2 more days that I have to get through, then one tough morning...then it will all be over...

I have been doing a lot to keep busy though, and have a few things in mind to keep me busy all night so I will sleep like a baby (which I did not do last tired) like:

  • searching for an hour or so on brightroom until I found my Tufts 10k pics...which was all for naught, because I received my email with the pics highlighted...they gave me a sweet finish line shot of someone else...
Yeah  I hit a wall back at mile 4 and almost tripped a chick, what's up?!
  • Checking the weather for Newport every 2 hours....just keeps getting worse :)
Yes, that is winds at 21 mph...FML, I hate wind....
  • Writing out my list of what to pack...and then some...

Work in progress...
  • Working...oh, yeah, almost forgot that one!
  • Reading everything on how not to bonk on Marathon day...thanks Dorothy!
  • Reading all the recaps from last weekends marathons and last minute prep for all those racing this weekend....makes the bullet 2 up a little tough :)
  • Did I mention checking the weather 50 million times?
  • Think of the million different ways I can decorate my T, and then maybe scrap the whole T-shirt idea after looking at the weather another 20 times....
No, really though...I have a game plan for the next 48 hours, kind of...

I will get in a little bike session today to loosen the legs and the nerves...then I will go to acupuncture for my last needle poking until post-race....then I will go home, make a nice carby dinner, finish that T-shirt, you know...the hot pink one :) bake some treats for my savior and marathon running buddy, Chris....and then bake the banana bread I have had on my list to do for the past week...woops!

Somewhere in there I will sleep, pack, get down to Newport and pick up my bib, eat another carby couple of meals and sleep some more...Newport, Here I Come!!

Can you tell I am freaking out a little, this post was just like me throwing up all the thoughts swirling around in my head...sorry for the graphics and randomness!
How do you prepare for races? Is it hectic or calm before the storm?

Are you racing this weekend?! If so - Good Luck and get out there and conquer those miles!!


  1. If I'm sleeping at home the night before a race, I don't get so nervous, but if I sleep elsewhere, I get a little nuts about packing everything.

    You are going to do great in the race!

  2. Good luck this weekend! I definitely get anxious doing all the preparation before a race, but it's fun for me too. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!!!!

  3. I think you'll do fine. Sounds like you are crazy like me and you have your lists so check them twice and I am sure you'll remember everything. I can't wait to see how you do!

  4. don't freak out. You got this. Just thnk how good its gonna feel after. all that hard work, phew!!

  5. Yes, you've so got this. everything will fall into place. Good luck and have fun!

  6. are you always this busy or just trying to keep your mind off the race?! it wore me out reading it all (kidding).

    You have SO GOT THIS. You're gonna be great, just try to relax and enjoy! (easier said than done, i know!)

  7. thanks for finding me! You'll do great on sunday- the course is supposed to be flat if that helps! I should be easy to spot, there will be 3 of us wearing this skirt
    i'm 5'10 and they are 5'0 and 5'4, so i'll stick out!
    I think its normal to get nervous. I try to pick out something that I'm exciting about in each race that has nothing to do with the running part- weather it be the medal, the scenery, who i'll meet etc!


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