Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Motivations - HBBC Challenge

Happy Monday! I hope everyone made it through the weekend in one piece, despite marathons, snow (in October?!) and Halloween festivities! I know I had a pretty fantastic (and relaxing) weekend myself, with a couple yummy dinner/wine dates with Tripp, a long night out with friends Friday and a rich and delectable brunch on Sunday!  With all of that indulging in alcohol, sweets and savory goodness, I think my motivation this Monday is dead-on!

To keep me focused on my fitness priorities and keeping my waistline in check during the upcoming holidays (and cold weather, comfort food cravings), I have decided to join the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge (HBBC), hosted by Amanda @ RunToTheFinish.  This will be my first year trying out the program, and I am excited to see how much influence it will have over my work-out and nutrition attitude come vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!


The program runs from Nov. 19 - Jan 6 - so it covers all of my major holidays and chances for motivation lets you earn points for different kinds of fitness activities, such as running, biking, swimming, strength, as well as fruit and veggie intake...and the points all go towards a little friendly competition among all that are signed up.  Amanda has secured some fantastic prizes so far, and promises more additions as the date gets if you need a little holiday kick in the butt, you should definitely head over and sign up for the HBBC Challenge today!

And because it is Halloween and all, I thought I would share some fun pictures I took from our local farmers market (the SOWA Market) yesterday.  They were having a Halloween themed market, where all of the vendors and food trucks dressed festive in costumes and decorations....roomie Jenna and I took a trip to check it all out...

Funnest Costume:
 Best Decorated Food Truck: Clover
They were all dressed as zombies and re-named all of their menu items to be "scary" names (i.e. goblin fingers instead of french fries)
My new best friend :)
And last, but not least - BEST COSTUME OF ALL TIME - look at the details (sorry for a crappy pic, I was trying not to get too close/too creepy)
Her face was painted white, those black spikes were connected to her  head piece...
Did you dress up for halloween? Go to any good halloween parties this weekend?

I dressed as a ninja, at a party on Friday, but only part of the night because no one was really dressed up (I just flung a black T-shirt over my head and wore all black - worked like a charm and was free!)

Are you (have you already) joining the HBBC Challenge? 

How do you stay motivated during the holidays?


  1. Happy halloween! And thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog about my first race. I really appreciate it!

  2. This is my 3rd year in the challenge! I LOVE it and it always comes at just the right time for me! Em is a princess(of course) and has requested I be a pirate...oh yeah and decked out for the gym this am!!

  3. So much fun! I didn't dress up this weekend because I was in NYC and thought it would be weird. I had nowhere to go and was way too sore from my race so we just went for dinner and stayed in for the rest of the night! Dressing up is so much fun though!

    I think I might want to join this challenge! I will need something to keep me in check this season!

  4. I joined the HBC challenge too, it sounds like it'll be fun-- my first time.

    I dressed up as "goth", which was really fun, no one recognized me!

  5. wow!!! the costumes at that market are incredible! how cool! i just joined HBBC and so pumped about it! it will be fun to keep each other motivated!!

  6. Aloha! I saw your post on eat, run, sail and have also signed up for both challenges. I had to stop by and say HI since I'm not sure what I will be able to run in November either....if anything....due to a broken toe. But I still want to try to at least walk for the POTM challenge.

    I hope your achilles feels better soon!

  7. The HBBC challenge is so clever! This is the perfect time of year to motivate people to get up and get moving.


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