Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Motivations - marathon edition

Just a quick one while I get some work done...more of the marathon recap to come later on!
There were countless runners (both half and full marathon) that came up to me either during the race (as they were passing me haha) or after the race, that said they just kept repeating my shirt to keep them going.  It was the best feeling I could have had, to know that I motivated others, even when I was struggling to keep going.  It was a mantra that was easy to repeat, catchy, and true...just what I could have hoped for :)

I also had quite a few men ask me what kind of martini this was on my back, and even one that told me he was imaging it was a margarita, because he was "a margarita kind of girl"...I wish I could have ran with him a little longer!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love your race shirt! People greatly enjoyed mine too :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so so proud of you and cannot wait to hear more.

    Love the shirt!

  3. i really cant get over how amazing you are. holy amazingness. girl you inspire me DAILY! i am channeling those words from here on out for sure!

  4. I LOVE how the shirt came out! Fabulous!

  5. Love love love the shirt! Thank you for your kind words on my blog yesterday :) annnnnd congrats on 26.2!!!

  6. I love it too! I'd like to do something like that if I ever attempt another half marathon... or maybe a full but that's just crazy talk, haha.


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