Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Motivations - Getting Back on the Horse

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and aren't too sluggish this wonderful Monday :)  I know I had a relaxing, friend-filled, and just plain great weekend myself.  I had a nice brunch with close friends on Saturday, got a full body massage (which I was supposed to get on Tuesday as a post-marathon treat, but missed due to traffic), watched a couple of lifetime movies, baked a yummy dinner for myself to eat while watching Dexter, and finally returned to yoga, for an awesome core vinyasa class at a new studio (Back Bay Yoga) - loved the studio, the employees, the teacher, the vibe!

Today's Monday Motivations come to you from my post-marathon let down I am experiencing right now.  I haven't run yet because my right achilles and bottom of foot have been bothering me.  Last week I only went to one spin class, and one pilates class.  I need to get back on the horse, but I am having trouble motivating to workout, without something to train for right now.  I do however have a pretty cool trip coming up in a couple of weeks, so that is my little boost of motivation this week...because sometimes, exercise motivation needs a little push :)

Borrowed from this article on 50 Ways to Boost your Fitness Motivation

Here's to getting back on the wagon and finding that inner exercise motivation!

Do you get the post-race blues?

What is your current motivator to get out there and move/sweat?


  1. For me just knowing winter is coming is enough motivation to get out there and enjoy it while it is nice out. Pretty soon it won't be so nice!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Danielle!

  3. I love the photo lol...I hate that you're injured :( I'm /w christy...I'd rest and run while you can :D

  4. i had post half let down. kind of still having it, that's partly why i'm trying the NTC program... which i love so far. and the app is free so you're not losing anything by trying it! i've only done 2 workouts so far, but i really like it.

  5. don't rush it. Your body will tell you when to start back up. Go for a walk or spin. Whatever your little heart desires. I know its hard.
    it will come though, soon!

  6. i have totally experienced that! usually the first week after a race i am still pumped. then the next week that has all gone and i am like...ahhh. now i want to be lazy. haha! i think usually i just know that i will feel better after. if that doesnt work...knowing i will feel better about the chocolate i want to eat later if i work out...that usually does the trick ;)

  7. Hahahaha, t-rex is awesome. I have been struggling to "get out there" too... I think it's because the weather has finally shifted here. We went from nice fall temps to below freezing in less than a week! I think I'm going to have to break down and buy myself a gym pass pretty quick here!


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