Sunday, October 16, 2011

Newport Marathon, Day 1...

First of all, I just want to take a moment to thank you all, each and every single one of you that has hung in there through my injury rants and raves, through my lack of running discussions, and for motivating, inspiring, pushing me, being there for me in general...I finished the marathon this weekend with a million emotions...excited, accomplished, loved, hurting, supported, and amazing...

I want to recap the race right now, but I am going to do this in 2 posts, so please bare with me...there are a lot of pictures!!

I finally made it down to Newport around 2 pm on Saturday afternoon, grabbed a quick sandwich with my friend Emma and her fiance Sam and his parents.  Emma ran the half marathon, so the four of them sailed their boat down to Newport to enjoy the full race weekend.  After a quick lunch, we walked down to the race expo, which was, let's say...less than desirable...
 They hold it in the "big events" tent (if you have ever been to Newport, you probably have seen one of the many festivals - wine fest, oktoberfest and seafood fest to name a few - taking place in this gigantic white tent.  These festivals are pretty elaborate, so I was expecting a lot more activity once we got into the tent for the expo...not so much...
This square of merchandise tables was about all that was there for perusing post-bib pick-up, and I already had my nutrition with me, and a water and fuel I wasn't too interested...Emma and I went right to the bib and bag pick-up and claimed out respective #'s (509 for yours truly)
Emma and her bib in line for bags and shirts (long sleeve blue odd fitting things...not the best I have seen honestly) 

I was showing this guy my running moves...I think he was impressed :)

me and the course...they didn't have any backdrop of the marathon name, so I thought the map was the next best thing
After we picked up our numbers and while I waited for my buddy Chris to show up to the expo, we all took a quick stroll in a local pumpkin was a fun nerve suppressor for sure :) I love pumpkins...everything about them :)
photos of the soon to be parents in law (Emma and Sam just got engaged in  Aug!)

We wanted to take one without the creepy guy in the above pic
In the middle of taking the above picture, Chris gave me a ring that he had just picked up his number, so it was time to drive the route!!! So I was a really prepared runner and didn't look at the route and terrain until race week...what can I say, procrastinator?!

Back to the route...I am very familiar with the first half of this race, since I did the half marathon here last year, but there were a few adjustments, so it was good to check it out from mile 0 - mile 26.2...the first half brings you down the ocean front along the cliff walk, as well as along the rows of mansions...
mile 6

Chris and his new wife, Katie 

mile 7
 We even saw two different weddings just car lengths away - such a gorgeous day for a wedding, if I do say so myself!
look closely through the bushes and you will see one bride and groom
This was the second wedding, seriously steps away from the other

Around mile 19-20 I enjoyed this gem...seriously delicious flavor!

After we were done driving the course, it was definitely time to get the carbo-loading to Mama Louisa's in Newport, for an authentic Italian feast! I enjoyed the Tagliatelle de pesce (egg pasta with shrimp and scallops and a butter/white wine/garlic sauce - perfecto!)

Seriously, if you ever get to Newport, you NEED to check this gem out...they had normal food portions (not too small, but also not enough to put you in a food coma for hours, which was the perfect amount for pre-race fuel.  The price wasn't too bad either, especially with the quality of the dishes, the authenticity of the food and wine, and the amazing service!

After dinner, we headed to the house we were staying at and I put out my outfit for the you can, I was a little indecisive about the weather and what bottoms I wanted to wear...

The socks, belt,  and T were essential...the morning was going to be cold, so I new the gloves and hat were a must! 
the back of my awesome neon pink T!
Hit the hay around 10, alarm set for up...race day!
6 AM is really early - look mom, it's still dark out!
Do you lay out your race outfit the night before?

I have started doing it for the bigger races, to minimize stress race morning and make me feel a little less jittery going to bed...

Do you stress about the weather multiple times before a race?

I think I refreshed about 5 times a day for the last 6 days!


  1. i know i've already told you, but i am so beyond proud of you! you are a rockstar! soak up all those awesome feelings of excitement and accomplishment. you totally rocked it out there today!

  2. eeeeeek!!!! perfect recap and i am just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to read more! love that you got to run in Newport....ahhhh! What a fun area. the shirt turned out amazing!!! and I need to know...did you really sleep that entire time!?! i can never fall asleep the night before a big race!! haha!

  3. This is a perfect combo for me....awesome race recap and a taste of home through my computer!! We were down on the Ocean Drive Saturday taking family pictures....the wind...eeeek! I can't wait to hear all about the day!! Oh yeah and I totally stress about weather!!

  4. I love your recap and I love what you ended up putting on your race shirt. It looks great :D I have only raced once - yesterday, but I did lay everything out the night before :)

  5. Driving the course before the race sounds like such a smart idea. Too bad I never do that, even for training runs, lol.

  6. I am so so proud of you :)
    That course looks beautiful. I've been to Newport, RI once and I remember how lovely it was. Looks like a great place for a marathon, I'll have to do it with you next year :)

  7. Can't wait to read more! I always lay out my clothes the night before a race--and usually I'm thinking about what to wear a week in advance! And yes, checking the weather every HOUR is a must!

  8. as far as what to wear on race day- for me I overheat- even if its only going to be 40 degrees out, I will get hot. the best options I do is either tough it out till the race starts, OR get a throwaway from goodwill and when I over heat take it off mid race. anxious to read your race report!

  9. Miles 6 & 7 looked beautiful but not as beautiful as the shirtless running man poster ;-)


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