Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Screw 7 minutes in Heaven, Hello 7lbs of Heaven

So as you might have deduced from my post yesterday, I cooked me up some pulled pork deliciousness yesterday....well technically I just shaved off the excess fat, made the "brine?" and set the slow cooker, and that marvelous machine did all the hard work...

After my invigorating hour on the spin bike by myself (yes I spent an hour in the gym making up resistance and speed intervals for a full 60 minutes solo - it was more mentally exhausting than anything), I rushed home to stick my face into that beauty...it was the only thing getting me through the hills and valleys I was pushing through on that bike....well the thought of pork heaven and the movie on my iPad I was thoroughly engrossed with (if you haven't seen Soul Surfer, go see it - it is a phenomenal inspirational movie, kind of like miracle, but warmer...)

I got home though and we didn't have the key ingredient to a delicious pulled pork dinner....the bread! It was a slight sin, but Tripp and I tackled it with a quick trip to Stop n Shop for some essentials (onion ciabatta rolls and pumpkin ice cream - isn't that in everyone's shopping cart?!)

I could barely wait while we toasted the bread and roomie Jenna sauteed up some onions....but then it was time to commence on this heavenly feast...don't worry I got my greens in too!
Onion Ciabatta roll, sauteed onions, spinach, PULLED PORK, extra BBQ sauce and some green beans on the side!
In fact, I dug in before shower, seat or manners kicked in....
"What, it isn't polite or sexy to stand over the pulled pork pot in my gym clothes mowing down a sandwich bigger than my head?!"
What's better than a pulled pork sandwich delight you may ask? Another 6 lbs of that baby left to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 3 months :) In reality, Tripp and Jenna and I made a mental list of all of the delicious things we could make with this little piece of heaven....

  • quesidillas
  • tacos
  • nachos
  • mac n cheese
  • pizza
  • omelets
  • salads
What would you do with 7 lbs of pulled pork in a house of 4? I need some more ideas...but it's looking like there is a Mexican night in our horizon!

(I adapted this recipe from a recipe I found on my iPad app - Recipe Grazer - it was a ketchup, cider vinegar and tomato paste brine that the pork shoulder sat in for 8 hours on low, then simmered for another 5 or so hours.  We then took two forks and pulled it apart and squirted in the deliciousness that is BBQ sauce)

I was so engrossed in my sandwich that I almost forgot to rip open (ok, that's a lie, I ripped it open before I looked at the pork) my new ROADID!!! I now have a heightened level of security when running alone or even with friends - it has my allergies to the common antibiotics, penicillin and sulfas, listed on it so a med staff or my friends know not to give those to me! It also has the words "Believe & Persevere", which I hope will motivate, inspire and push me to finish every run, especially Newport :)
This is the wrist ID sport model and I love it! 
Tripp was amazed that that little thing fit on my wrist, but I assured him, although the rest of my body does not show it...my wrists stopped growing at age 5...must have been all of that gymnastics, stunting their growth!

If you have always wanted your own RoadID, you should go check out Gourmet Runner's giveaway, like right now...go!!  She has a phenomenal explanation of being a "real runner, and taking the precautions needed to remain a runner".

On a side note...I saw this horrific (and this isn't sarcasm) license plate while stuck in traffic on the way to work yesterday....how does the RMV allow people to request these and actually deliver on the requests?!
How would you react to such a site?! How does the RMV ever allow someone to get that?  I won't make any inferences to who was driving, but it was not an aryan woman and I felt guilty for even checking, but I mean...come on! Am I over exaggerating about this, or is there real reason to be concerned?


  1. Man, I love pulled pork! We have like 7lbs of it too and I'm just freezing dinner portions for nights I don't feel like cooking!

  2. Thanks for the blog love! That pulled pork looks incredible. I wonder about that license plate--so bizarre. My guess is the owner thought it would be funny in some way, but it's just NOT appropriate!

  3. YUM! send some of that pork my way...sounds delicious! and yeah...that car. what!?!

  4. i want some pulled pork! and that car is wiggity whack!

  5. I love your post title!! And omg on that car. That's ridic!

  6. lol I love this! you are so funny

  7. I love pulled pork. You could always freeze a pound and ship it to me. I wouldn't complain :)

    To add to your mexican night, you could use the pulled pork for burrito's as well! Or maybe roll them up in crescent rolls for a different type of sandwich?

  8. holy cow that looks amazing. you know I never bother to make it, but i can't figure out why?!


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