Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday, random marathon thoughts

Thanks again for sticking with me through part 1, part 2, and part 3 of my marathon recap.  I decided to recap in this manner so that I can always look back and remember the moments, good and bad, that I experienced.  This is my way of remembering and learning from this event.  I will be happy to give a Pros/Cons post (and most likely will), but for now, this is what I needed.  I appreciate all of your words of congratulations and positive comments, I am blown away by the amazing responses I have been for some random thoughts :)

1. Music...if you had met me about 2 years ago, you would have known that I never run without my ipod (unless I forget it, and I have been known to leave the gym or not run because I didn't have my headphones).  My first taste of having to run music-less, was my first relay experience about a year and a half ago - because they wanted us super aware of our surroundings.  Since then, I have learned it is OK to run without your headphones when you are running with a group, a friend, in an area that needs your full attention, and in some race circumstances.

I made sure I charged up my ipod fully the night before and even the morning of the marathon.  I clipped it onto my fuel belt w/ the headphones tucked into the belt (I was running the most I could with Chris, so I figured we would be talking most of the way).  As I mentioned in my recap, I actually tossed my ipod to my friend Katie at the halfway mark, and told Chris I would run with him the rest of the way and I didn't need it anymore....then lost Chris 3 miles later...

Around mile 22 I had Tripp ride up ahead to grab my ipod...I was in some serious need of motivational tunes!  Well, Tripp went and got the ipod and biked back by my side...but by that point in the race, I was so engrossed with the immediate and overwhelming feelings of finishing, that I didn't want to bother with the ipod.  I finished my longest distance ever, 26.2 miles, on I survived :)

2. Nutrition....I know I didn't mention much about the nutrition details of my marathon, so I thought I would share my strategy and choice in nutrition with you...I think having sufficient fuel with you (or available along the route) is key to running a smooth race and avoiding the "bonk", "wall", etc...I carried with me 3 Gels, 1 stick of shot bloks (there are 6 bloks I believe on it), 1 bag LUNA moons (no longer exist :( ).

  • Breakfast (6:10 AM): poppy-seed bagel, cream cheese, strawberry jam.  1 cup coffee w/ skim milk.  Big glass of water (or 2)
  • Before the race started I had another 8 oz. or so of water
  • From the start of the race I decided I was going to stop (or jog through) every water stop possible.  I only missed 1 or 2 water stops throughout the entire race
  • At around 45 minutes (about mile 6) I took my first Gel (caffeinated lemon-lime Clifbar Gel - w/ as much water as I could get down)
  • Another 45 minutes later, I took the second lemon-lime gel (w/ as much water as I could get down)
  • Another 45 minutes or so later, I took my last GU (chocolate mint GU, thanks Rachelle - got it from one of her giveaways!)
  • When I was in between water stops and needed something to occupy my mouth/mind - I would pop in a LUNA moon...which are delicious little hard electrolyte bloks shaped as moons (kind of the same as a DOT candy) - throughout the race, I sucked on 2 of these throughout the second half - they are small and since I was stopping at all water stations, I didn't have a problem with them.
  • Throughout the second half, I grabbed 1 cup of gatorade at each station it was available, along with 1 or 2 cups of water.
  • Around mile 24 - 25, I took 2 shot bloks from the package (margarita flavored - extra sodium, delicious taste if you are a super salty sweater like me)
I re-fueled with 15 minutes with a LUNA dark chocolate cherry protein bar, and a little bit later a slice of pizza.  My stomach was crampy (probably from the gus and gatorade), but my energy was consistent and high - I didn't crash at all, which I consider a success.

3. Battle Wounds...I feel like everyone scares you into believing that every marathoner will encounter lost toenails, chafing, blisters, a week of hobbling...I tend to think I got out lucky when I think about how many people have brutal wounds and defects as the result of pounding out 26.2 miles...

I came out unscathed...the only things I experienced were a slight chafing under my bra, that had already started from the Tufts 10k earlier in the week (so it wasn't even really from the marathon),a foot bruise where my orthodics end, and a blister that resembled a helium balloon at first glance, but since has deflated to a red nothing...

Is this normal to not experience anything totally traumatic? I was almost upset I still had all of my toe nails and none were nasty black or gone!

One last little tidbit...I would stay tuned for a marathon accomplishment giveaway coming soon :) I want to share my love and excitement with all of you, since you were all so inspirational in getting me there!
What is your musical preference? headphones on a run or is silence golden?

What is your nutrition of choice on a run? Did I overdo/underdo it?

Tell me your best running battle wound!! I want to live vicariously through you guys!


  1. that is IMPRESSIVE to go that long with no music. I always do gu doing a race- i feel that everyone has their own view on what a 'good amount' is. Some 1/2 marathons I've used 2 gus, some 1, and others none- depends on stomach and energy levels.
    running battle wound- last year I was at mile 11.5 of my Critz Tybee 1/2 mary in GA and BAM it felt like I tore my ACL- had to hobble the last 1.5 mile--- turns out it was my IT BAND that separate from my knee- ouch!

  2. Congrats again on the awesome 26.2!!! I need music, or at least I think I do. I have one particular song that gets me the last 1/2 mile.

    I've never done a marathon so I can't say what I would eat during, but I do make sure to eat oatmeal prior to any of my races. And coffee, of course!

  3. I like listening to books on tape or just running in silence. During races w/iPods, I make a playlist...but I've only done this once or twice!

    I'm going to have to make a looong playlist for my marathon!

  4. I can handle short runs without music (under 6 miles maybe?) but after that it's required!! I love running to everything from country to hardcore rap... depends on my mood at the time. Actually most times, my playlists include both, haha.

  5. That was actually a really great run down of nutrition! i am still working on how often to take gels because I didn't use them in any past marathons, but i know it will help as i keep working on speed

    i actually love podcasts and audiobooks!

  6. my battle wounds sound about as "bad" as yours! I lost a toenail about 1 week after my marathon, but a new one had already grown in - so you couldn't even tell. I did get some sports bra chaffing, too on one of my long runs - and I didn't know i had it until i took a shower and literally wanted to scream bloody murder bc it hurt so bad. SO Proud of you and your marathon!!!

  7. I tend to run with music unless I'm running with someone. Well done on the fuel! I have used Gu in the past and need to revisit it soon...too many crashes!

    I don't have any awful running things! Consider yourself blessed! I have heard some doozies!


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