Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Total Body 360 Workout

So yesterday, I told you all how I needed a good kick in the butt to motivate me to literally get off my butt!  Well after I hit "publish", I got to motivating myself, via articles, workouts, pictures, the thought of my vacation in just a few short weeks....and with the help of Katy @ Fit in Heels (she has some killer workouts laced with a heavy dose of humor...you should definitely go check her out!) and Bodyrock.tv (seriously, what do I have to do, eat, think to get those abs?), and some mandatory PT exercises, I put together a fabulous little workout, I would like to call "Total Body 360".
Zuzana is my new girl crush...source
Now I am not a licensed trainer, nor do I do this for a profession, but I will tell you, this kicked my butt hard.  I even got a compliment from the trainer giving a personal training session next me saying my workout looked great and kudos for getting through it solo...to which I replied, "thanks, I think it might have killed me, and if you had been inside my head, you would have known I was yelling at myself to just push out a couple more reps", but anyways...back to the workout...you will see why I called it the 360 afterwards...but for now...Total Body 360:

Warm-up: can be any 10-15 minute warm up you want (skipping, running, bike)
I did 30 minutes of elliptical intervals (5 minute warm up, 30 sec sprint/30 sec recovery x 5, 5 minutes backwards, 30 sec sprint/30 sec recovery x 5, 5 minutes backwards, 5 minutes forward)


Total Time: about 30 minutes
Equipment: mat, pair of dumbbells (I used 8 lb.but use w/e is comfortable for you), medicine ball (could just use dumbbell if you don't have a medicine ball), exercise ball

  • 15 reps - Plank in/out jumps w/ oblique crunch
  • 15 reps - Burpees 
  • 15 reps - push-up, turn to side plank left hip dip, turn center push-up, turn to side plank right hip-dip (1 rep-these are a killer!)
  • 15 reps - russian twists w/ medicine ball
  • 15 reps - backwards lunges (w/ dumbbells)
  • 15 reps - mountain climbers w/ hands on medicine ball
  • 15 reps - bicep curl, squat, overhead shoulder press, triceps extension (1 rep)
  • 15 reps - hamstring curls 
    • lay flat on back with legs extended in front of you, ankles on top of exercise ball 
    • tighten butt and core and bring hips off ground into bridge position, head stays put on ground, can use hands for support
    • use core, hips, and hamstrings to pull ankles into butt, bending knees up to 90 degrees
    • release legs straight, keeping hips lifted, and repeat
Rest for 30 seconds, grab some water and Repeat x 3

You see why I called it the Total Body 360 (besides that it is a catchy label?) I did 15 reps * 8 moves * 3 rounds = 360 reps, including moves that worked each part of my body head to toe :)  This was in large part inspired by Katy's 300 Workout, but not as fancy as hers :)

  • Next time I try this workout, I will adjust the order of exercises, as my shoulders burnt out quickly at the beginning with all of the planks and push-ups and would have benefited from interlacing the leg workouts in between each upper body move
  • There are modifications for most all of these moves, for beginners, or if you are feeling fatigued towards the end (better to take the modification or stop, than to push through bad-form and fatigue)
    • I had to do most of the push-ups in move 3 (push-up, turn to side plank left, turn center push-up, turn to side plank right (1-rep)) from my knees and stuck to a normal side plank (no hip dip).  
    • You can also do the burpees w/o the push-up and the jump - start in a plank, jump feet to hands and power push up to standing, squat down, jump feet back to plank and repeat
    • The mountain climbers can be done on the flat ground, you do not need a med ball
    • backward lunges and russian twists can be down w/o weights
  • This was tough, and I would not recommend doing an interval cardio workout right before :) I was just so excited to be back in the gym (please hold me to that last comment when I am content on my couch in a week).  I would keep the warm-up nice and light.  
  • Lay out all of the equipment you need BEFORE you start and have your list of exercise highly visible.  I did lose some time going to fetch weights and such the first round, and I had to keep reaching for my list to double check what was next (when I got tired, I kept forgetting).
Remember, I am not a professional or licensed trainer, so if you are interested in trying this workout, please check with a Dr. or a trainer at your gym first, and if it hurts...stop/don't do it!
What are you going to do to kick your butt today?

Have you heard of/seen bodyrock.tv
I found this site months ago, but had forgot about it until yesterday.  This woman is beyond ripped and her workouts are short and exhausting!


  1. wow!!!! you are a rock star for busting out this workout! looks so intense! today i forced myself to keep going on the TM even though I was mentally burnt out. i decided to push my speed to keep me occupied and working hard...totally worked and distracted me from being "bored!"

  2. YOWZA!!! that would put me on my ass in a second. That personal trainer it right! you are amazing for pushing yourself through all that solo! I have tried some of katy @ fit in heels workouts and now I may try yours....if I can motivate myself to do it :) lol

  3. wow great job!!! this is a lot like a typical NTC workout from what i can tell. i do mine at home because you just need some weights and a medicine ball (or that's all i've needed so far) but you could definitely do it at the gym too! that chick's abs are amazing!!


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