Thursday, October 6, 2011

Woopsie Daysie...missed one!

So I dropped the ball on What I love Wednesday, but it was going to be all about the trip Tripp and I took to the Big E (Eastern States Exhibition Fair for non-new englanders - a big fair in WMass that has the best of the best from all of the New England states, along with carnies, fair food, games, rides and farm life) with a bunch of our friends on Sunday, but that didn't happen...the post, not the Big E...the Big E happened....I have proof...
And I also have blackmail...

Don't worry though...although it was a long day at the fair, I made sure we fueled properly...

Blueberry Chobani pancakes and some strawberry goodness
So we wouldn't get hungry pants while playing awesome fair games....

Or jealous while feeding the baby animals...
Well, those that were polite enough to stay awake for us...
Don't worry though, we had some pizza, soft serve and beer (great combo, I know)...the key to enjoying every last bite at the fair, is to chow down then hop on the Zipper so you can taste it all again (TMI?)

Oh god's spinning upside down again?!
Just kidding...we LOVED it :) no green faces or wet shoes for us!
We were pretty impressed by Galaxy Girl though....she did yoga moves on the top of that wire....

If you look closer, you can maybe see her head....
There we go! Handstands on that skinny, wavering wire...why not?!
I'm not gonna lie though, Tripp got a little jealous that the state police get to ride around in these guys...
They were parked out front the Massachusetts building...just in case anyone wanted to mess with the Bay State :) (each state in New England was represented by their own huge building, filled with the foods, crafts, and random gadgets each state is known for...I had a lobster roll from Maine that was a little sinful...and too delicious to pause to take a photo, you're welcome)
The Rhode Island house had a massive America's Cup exhibition as soon as you walked in, all decked out with footage from years past, pamphlets with all the info under the sun about the race, and this sweet gem...

Back in the farm houses, we got to see baby chicks hatching, the Budweiser Clydesdale horses, and this wonderful mechanical gentleman...

Look close, he is plugged into that pole behind him!!
Oh yeah, and I will leave you with a fantastic shot from the piglets kicking the crap out of each other to get to their mother's nipples first...classic!
You know you're a country bumpkin when...
And that was our trip to the fair! It is a milestone for Tripp and I, as we have never been to a fair together in the 2 1/2 years we have been dating...and good news...we are still happily together :)  

It was actually a special treat for me, because I hadn't been back to WMass in a while (my home area) and I got to stop by Grandma's house for a little on the way home and talk to her and my aunt and my cousin for a little bit.  All in all a successful, fun, country lovin trip :)

Have you ever been to a fair? Was it big, small, local, farm focused?

I used to go to a smaller fair every year in elementary, middle and high school, but haven't really been to any since then...this was kind of a big deal :)

What is your favorite fair/carnival treat?!

I mean personally I like the cotton candy or french fries, but this time we opted for pizza, kettle corn, lobster roll and soft serve :) a little unconventional, but delicious none the less...


  1. SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS!!!! the fair is one of my all time favorite activities! looks like a blast! i LOVE funnel cakes!!!!!

  2. Fairs are so much fun. I love the animal exhibits and rides and the food!

    Those piggies are adorable.

  3. Love fairs! Okay, growing up in Iowa, of course we went the the county fair every single year!

  4. Fairs are so much fun! We have a local fair every year but it's been years since I've been to a big one. I love Kettle Corn and FUDGE :-)

  5. LOVE fairs!! And especially the food! so so worth every calorie.

    I am so glad you got my package! :) Yay love you girl.

  6. Kettle Corn, yes please!

    There's a local company in Richmond that makes some kettle corn that is such a party in your mouth.....Grand Pop's Best. And it's cute because I think it was a guy that started it to make money in his retirement and it really took off and is doing really well.

    Looks like you had fun at the fair, so glad you got to hang w/your family a little too :)



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