Friday, November 4, 2011

Fitness Friday

First of all, yes I was a little upset at first when that email went around, but I can tell by how much you guys enjoyed it and I honestly laughed out loud at it, I see the humor :) If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my ball

I got out at lunchtime today, for a really invigorating, sweaty, heart pumping workout - which was much needed on this slow moving Friday afternoon.  I haven't worked out since Monday (which is probably why my heart was pumping so fast), as I am resting my Achilles completely, but I just couldn't hold it in any longer! My Achilles has been feeling a little better (no where near 100%, but better) after a massage and some acupuncture, so I decided to try out the bike again.

My spin attempt on Monday was pretty painful, so I was tentative, but Neon Blonde Runner just posted about Achilles tendinitis and her hubby, and mentioned to me that he has been able to spin/cycle with little pain, as long as he watches the resistance and stays in the I gave it a go, and I feel fine after! I mean I still have some pain, but no worse, which is a positive step in my book!

Without further ado, my fitness Friday sweatfest:

26 Minutes on Spin Bike

  1. 5 min warm-up
  2. 2 min take one big turn to the right on the resistance and pick up the leg speed...take a 1/4 to 1/2 turn to the right every 30 secs. but maintain leg speed
  3. 2 min recovery, take one or two turns to the left on the resistance
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 for a total of 4 sets
  5. 5 min cool-down
25 Minutes weights and core

All you need is some dumbbells
3 sets:
  • arm raises straight out to side, until shoulder height and release w/ 8 lb dumbbell (12 reps)
  • arm raises straight forward to shoulder height and release w/ 8 lb dumbbell (12 reps)
  • kneeling row w/ 8 lb dumbbell (12 reps - each side)
  • kneeling tricep extension w/ 8 lb dumbbell (12 reps - each side)
  • 25 reverse cunches on bench w/ legs straight (lay on back on bench, with butt just hanging off, concentrate on pushing through your belly button to flatten the small of your back to the bench, and use your core to pull your legs straight up perpendicular to the floor - grip the bench with your hands for support)
2 sets:
Then a did a nice, quick stretch because I was late for a meeting, but I will make sure to stretch well tonight, no worries :)

I have a very busy weekend, which I would love to tell you about, but it just isn't the right time...I will just let you know, it involves a lot of beer :) So good thing I can get my butt to the gym again!

Happy Weekend everyone! And GOOD LUCK TO ALL RUNNING NYC!!!!! You have prepared and you will conquer!!

Do you get out at lunchtime for a workout?

I used to feel guilty, but I am trying to get it in more and more, it speeds up the day and gets my head away from my computer for a little bit.

Any exciting weekend plans?!


  1. my company never took lunch breaks so it made me feel weird...but i didn't care I needed that walk or run or whatever I could fit in!

  2. awesome workout!!! i have never had a lunchtime workout before but it sounds so motivating because you really have to make the most of your time! great job friend!

  3. nice workout...I'll have to try it, maybe :D and no, no lunchtime workout for me


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