Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Thanksgiving that Was

I want to start this post by noting how unbelievably grateful I am for all of the well wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts that were sent this way - my Grandmother is making strides each day, and although she isn't in the clear just yet, she is fighting and she is doing really well!  She was my biggest blessing this holiday, and everyday, so thank you, thank you, thank you...
Grammy looking so proud at my Grad school graduation
Last I wrote, we were still waiting to hear that she had pulled through, and therefore any thoughts of a normal thanksgiving feast, were far, far from mind.  However, a couple of hours after posting my thoughts, we received a call that she was breathing on her own and wanted to see us all.  With a trip to the hospital already on the schedule, my Dad suggested we pick up some food to enjoy, even if it might be just my mom, dad, sis and I, and even though we were a little late to the turkey roasting party. 

Randall's was open until 1 PM on Thanksgiving, so around 12 noon, we decided to pick up a turkey and some veggies for our mini-feast, and then go visit my Grandmother for a couple of hours, or however long she could take with us all there.  We found a nice 9-10 lber still on the shelf, some root veggies, and green beans and headed to the hospital.  She had had a draining day of recovery, so we only got 30-40 minutes with her to visit, but even 5 minutes would have been a blessing.  She is so strong, and I was just so happy to see her strength shine through, despite what she had gone through.

We headed straight home, and since it was a small bird, my little sister and I had time for a run before having to put the bird in the oven.  We had a cold, but well-needed 4 miler and then the cooking began! 

The turkey went in while we worked on cutting up all of the veggies to roast, the squash to mash, and I made my very first stuffing! 
Baby turkey was still pretty big for the four of us, we barely put a dent in this!
I cooked the stuffing separate from the bird, but it still came out so flavorful! I made a mushroom and sage stuffing with rustic bread and fresh herbs.  I am not a stuffing eater, but I had a heaping portion of this and my parents went back for thirds!
My Dad holding up the finished goods, I may just have to post a recipe for this soon!
Despite starting the holiday on an atypical note, this will be my most memorable Thanksgiving yet.  I will always remember that each day is a blessing, and each moment with those you love is a blessing, and you have to recognize and  be thankful for those blessings each and every day, not just on a November Thursday. There are people worse off than us, losing loved ones every day, going without a crumb, let alone a feast each day.  I am taking this past week as a wake up call to realize that each day is something to be thankful for.
we were truly blessed with our family, good food and good wine...I couldn't have asked for more (except maybe to have my Grammy home)

My mom, sister and I also got in another run on Saturday, one that I felt like I could have kept going forever, even through the achilles aching, but I had a date with my Grammy before I headed back to Boston, so I didn't want to miss that chance to see her again before returning to my apartment.  5 speedy miles later and I was all packed up and leaving my family :(

It has been a tiring and eventful week, and I am a little nervous, yet excited to return to some normalcy tomorrow.  After vacation, then family emergency, and the holiday, it will have been over two weeks since I had a full day of work at the office, and a workout at my gym - I will get back to work as usual and I will try to get a workout in, but the scar tissue in my achilles just keeps building and I am trying some graston type therapy to calm it down, but it is still pretty crunchy (TMI?), so hopefully I can get a good spin class in and some weights.

 What are you thankful for? 


  1. So glad to learn that your Grandmother is doing better and that you had a thankful Thanksgiving with your family after all!

    I have been cooking the stuffing separate from the turkey the past couple of years too. I think it makes for a juicer bird. I would love to see your stuffing recipe, D, as I am on the lookout for a new one for Christmas this year.

    Best wishes....

  2. Oh my gosh, somehow I missed your earlier post and I am so sorry about your grandmother's pulmonary embolus (or whatever was going on), I hope she's doing much better now!!! Sounds like she's on the road to recovery.

    She sounds like an amazing, inspirational woman.

  3. I am so happy she is doing better!! Even though I took the weekend off from the blog world, I was thinking about you and hoping that you and your family got some good news! It's great that you were able to spend time with her and have a mini celebration with your family. You are all still in my thoughts. I am praying she keeps getting stronger and stronger every day.

  4. I'm so glad your grandmother is doing better! I'm so sorry I missed that she wasn't doing well. Prayers to her and more and more strength each day!

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  6. I'm so glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better and that you all were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner!

  7. Like everyone else, I'm glad to hear about your grandma. I hope the recovery continues. And I also vote YES on the stuffing recipe! :)


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