Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Whirlwind Weekend

So, as I mentioned on Friday, I wasn't really at liberty to tell you my weekend plans...just yet.  I am not sure if my sister reads this as religiously as she should at all - but I couldn't take any chances.  My little sister (not so little anymore!) turned 16 last week, yes, the Big 1-6.  My mom was going to have a family dinner Saturday night to celebrate, but I had another conflict, that kind of made me feel even more like a bad sister for not going (you will see what the plans were below - feel free to judge).

My mom knew I felt bad, so she let me in on the surprise birthday dinner her friends were planning for her, and thought it would be a nice touch if I could at least make it home for that (home is a little over 2 hours away from Boston), and make it a surprise! So I told my sister I was sorry, but there was no way I could make it home this weekend and that I would definitely go home the next weekend to see her.  She was more than unimpressed with my loyal sister bit, and has a CCD retreat this weekend (so it would have been all for not).

With a surprise party to get to, I headed out of work, a little later than I had intended, and raced drove very respectfully to the restaurant....only to drive in directly behind my parents and my sister....woops!

I parked in a back corner of the lot and threw on my $5 CVS pantyhose and LBD, and waited for them to go inside...texting my Dad (who does not text) the whole time.  After waiting in the cold for like 5 minutes, I got the go ahead to join them inside.  Needless to say, she was a little shocked I was there, but when there are 6, 16 yr. olds at the table, the excitement shifts focus pretty quickly...

my lovely parents, Dad with a full mouthful of salad, Mom looking not amused :) your welcome
We were at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant, Go-ten, so we had our dinner cooked up in front of us - if only I had this carb fest before the marathon, and not the weekend before St. Barths, but hey...it was darn good! I especially love when they do the flaming onion volcano

Or maybe when they fling the shrimp at you and you are supposed to catch it in your mouth....
which was an epic fail for me, but not the Birthday Girl :)
It was a grand old time for the whole group
 Especially this little 16, going on 36 yr. old gal (sis is on the left)
After a great night with the family, I woke up bright and early at the crack of 10 AM :)  and headed down to meet up with my friends for my prior engagement in Providence...
The Great International Beer Festival, an annual group tradition.... Although we didn't have the normal full crew there, we still had a rocking time....with our pretzel necklaces....

Diverse beer and decoration selections...

these were pretty cool "beer-de-liers" get it?!
 Pumpkin beer of course....
FAVORITE pic of the night - his face is priceless

 And just plain, keeping it classy...
 Cheers to Beer fest 2011!
The semi-crew, Katie, Chris, Tripp's buddy Kev (who we stayed with), Tripp, me and Mike
How was your weekend?!


  1. sounds like the BEST weekend! love that you got to surprise your sis...i bet that was so fun! glad to hear she had an awesome 16th bday!

  2. In about 5 years (hopefully not sooner!), your sister will totally understand your need to hit the beer fest. And she can go with you!

  3. Beer fest = awesome. Your scarf that you wore has a lovely pattern on it.

    Happy belated birthday to your sis!!

  4. Ah so much fun and glad you managed the surprise visit too. Love Japanese bbq!

  5. beer fest looks and sounds amazing! that's great that you were able to be with your sis and i love your scarf!


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