Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Goals, Getting back to Happy, Healthy, Strong

Hi guys, I am interrupting my weekly scheduled What I Love Wednesday again this week, as I try out a new monthly addition...goals.

I know I tried to put down some goals when I first started this blog, goals for 2011 (still haven't gotten in the pool), goals for making more of my day at work (I have been taking more breaks and getting outside or to the gym), goals for my very first marathon (I finished and under 4 hours!!), and goals for motivation through recovery (I pushed through the pain of resting, did my workouts, and now have no knee pain).  I have not, however, put down in words my month-to-month goals, and sticking with my personal motto of being Happy, Healthy and Strong, I want to hold myself to these goals, have something to look forward to and something to revisit in 30 or so days.

In the spirit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I will round out my goals in the following topics:


  • Get back to my core
    • As I am nursing my achilles tendinitis, I will focusing on strength training and core work a lot more - that means Pilates, light yoga, and weights
  • Keep up with the HBBC Challenge, and POTM (which I joined a few days ago as well)
    • The Pile on the Miles challenge will be difficult since it is only Nov 1 - Nov. 24 and you can only run or walk - which with this achilles, is a no go at least this week (and most likely the next one or two)
  • Get Physically Healthy: meaning rid of all of this tendinitis (the knees have felt great, knock on wood) and pain...which also means some more rest and mental toughness

Diet (as in food/drink intake):

  • Portion Control: I have a hard time with portion control, since I have this preconception that I have to finish every piece of food or crumb on the plate, even if I feel full.
    • I am going to listen to my body and when it doesn't want more food, I will stop shoveling it in there
    • That being said, I will not miss a meal or deprive myself.  I will just be more conscious of the signs my body is putting out, especially if I am not as high impact active this month
  • Home Cooking:  I have been getting better at this lately, but I need to channel my senior year of college self, who cooked up fantastic dishes alongside her kick-ass roommate, Ramah.  
    • I will try to do some meal planning on Sundays and grocery shop with more purpose.I have a tendency to get to the store and just grab w/e looks like I would use, without much thought into what I am actually going to do with it.
  • Sweet Control:  With the holidays passing through in this month (Halloween still lingers this week), I want to make a conscious decision to indulge with care.  I will not deprive myself of the pies and cookies that come with Thanksgiving and family time (and the urge to bake because it is just plain cold outside - oh, is that just me?), but I will be aware and I will work on the "just right" piece.

  • Focus: I need to keep focus in the upcoming weeks, and do things like make daily lists and calendar appointments
    • I have felt extremely overwhelmed lately, like there are so many things I want to do or see, but there are so many things going on, my brain just shuts down and I get nothing done.  It is a depressing feeling, and I think daily "to-do" lists will be the help I need
  • Get my Bedroom Organized: This sounds odd, I know, but I moved into my apartment over a year ago now, and I am still "half-in", as in I have one picture out of several on the walls, no bedframe, I have a random desk in one corner, and not enough clothes storage (so my closet is a mess!). I don't know if I was just too lazy, or scared, but I will tackle this this week and maybe I will feel a little bit calmer or more accomplished than I am feeling right now.

Now that I have tired out your eyes, and  you are more than ready for me to stop typing and start living already,'re welcome...I am good with those for now, and I think it they are all do-able goals, I just have to believe, motivate, get over myself and do them :) Plus, since I put them on here, and you and I can hold me to it, it pretty much means I #fail if I don't at least try...

Did I miss any important topics for life goals?

What is your "go-to" core workout?

What is your "go-to" way to focus, and buckle down?

Hoping these lists do it for me - I need to see all of the activities and tasks I want to accomplish on paper

Goals, love em or leave em?

I never write them down and then feel like I can't remember them, so I will love em on here...


  1. awesome! i really love your goal post and how you broke it down by the important parts of your life. lately for my core i have been attempting to incorporate more planks...even though i hate them. ha!

    as far as everything else...i can easily get overwhelmed as well so making lists and tacklking one thing at a time is key for me. I can totally understand your cleaning goal as well. my house has been cluttered lately and it is totally messing with my motivation and ability to stay focused. good luck!

  2. I always break down my goals into action steps too. A hold-over from so many years as a software designer and IT help desk coordinator. I love the logic and the organization of it all!

    And I also love the sense of accomplishment when I cross things off my list, as they are completed.

    Good for you! Carry on. :)

  3. So I actually really enjoyed reading about your goals.

    I LOVE the idea of writing out my goals, but I usually don't do it unfortunately. I do write daily to do lists, because they help me to construct all of my days when I'm off of work by myself during the week. Otherwise, I flounder and have trouble getting motivated.

    I am bummed that the spinning class made your achilles feel bad!!! Tappan and I go to spinning classes together sometimes, but he only has VERY minimal resistance and never stands on the bike. Hope it feels better soon. Thanks for your input on my post!

  4. I am a million times better at goals when I have a big calendar hanging on my wall and I have to check off every day I make progress towards it. Such a visual thing...

    I am with ya on the "toning down the sweets" part too, as much as I'd rather not, I need to!

  5. this a great goal post. Its funny how much it helps just to write it down. Hope you are feeling less overwhelmed.

  6. I love your goals :D I should have a lot of goals but to be honest I like to take everything down a notch when the weather gets cold and then hype-it-up in the spring....I don't know if it's good but /w holidays and all the extra treats and such I know I'm going to indulge. lol

    PS: I just told my friend the other day that I HAVE been slacking when it comes to any exercise other than running. Mind you my workout zone has been under construction for a while and we do have fleas = me not wanting to do situps on the carpet :P ...just in case! lol

    So I'll just run and bike and then add in core later! lol

  7. Great goals girl! With these goals in mind November is going to be a great month for you. I absolutely love setting goals. So important to keep us on track.


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