Tuesday, November 29, 2011

St. Barth's - The Trip to Paradise Part 1

So as most (if not all) of you might know, I just recently returned from an absolutely breathtaking and unbelievable trip to St. Barthelemy, in the French West Indies.  This trip was surprisingly last minute (booked about a month before we left!) and an incredible blessing.  Tripp was asked to sail in a local regatta with one of his friends, and we both had some vaca time to use, so we went for it! We spent 7 surreal days in paradise, and I couldn't have been happier!

We left for the island early, early Monday morning, traveling through Charlotte, North Carolina - which had a great strip of classic white rocking chairs alongside real life trees on our trek to the next plane.

From Charlotte, we headed to St. Maarten and then jumped on a little 10-seater puddle jumper, that proved to be the most exciting and scary plane ride I have ever taken.  Apparently St. Bart's has the "3rd most dangerous airport in the world", at least according to Wikipedia.  It is a single, short airstrip placed in between the foot of a massive hill, and the ocean.

After a long day of traveling, we arrived safely and checked into our luxurious accommodations (paid for by the regatta fee - which was only 550 euros - yes, euros on this French island - and also included some meals and a rental car for the week!).  We stayed in the "Garden House" of the Guanahani Resort & Spa, which was indescribable - Tripp and I had an entire villa to ourselves, and shared a private pool with another villa (which we never saw them, so it was all ours for the week).

The next day was spent putting together the boat, meeting up with some of the other sailors and a dinner in the area called St. Jean, which is the area that the regatta was sailing out of, the regatta village.  It seemed to be one of the more lively spots, housing the famous Eden Rock Hotel, the airport, and a few good bars/restaurants/shops.

They spent the morning building, and the afternoon sailing from Gustavia (where the harbor is), to St. Jean.

Loved this sunset!
Breakfast was a lot of fresh fruit, toast (w/ nutella, obviously), yogurt, mueseli, eggs (I could go on) eaten outdoors at the pool, beachside every morning, then we would drive down to St. Jean for the guys to get sailing, and for me to get tanning...
this was my scene most mornings, as I read "The Help" on my ipad and watched the guys sail out to the course 
Day 1, windy conditions = happy Tripp

Purple kite! Easy to spot them going down wind
One thing that was pretty incredible here - besides the clear blue water, white sand beaches, and perfect weather - was the driving.  The streets were small, most of the islanders got around on mo-peds or 4-wheel drive mini-SUVs...I took a video for your viewing pleasure :)
Some more photos to give you a better idea of the scenery, and some self-photo work (I was by myself a lot of the days, while the guys were sailing - but I still had fun, and saw a lot).

Up next...my trip on a 40 ft. catamaran, night life, paddle boarding (fell in love with this!) and the trip home!

Where is the most exotic place you have been? (this could be the tanning bed, I don't judge).


  1. This looks so amazing!!!! you are smoking hot girl ;) and your man looks really good too ;) sorry, had to say it. I haven't sailed since I was a child, both my grandfather and my dad were avid sailors. I love the views. I'd be scared about the airport though. Sounds like one awesome trip. Colour me green, b.c I'm envious ;)

  2. Wow, looks like an amazing trip! Very jealous!!

  3. UNBELIEVABLE......so beautiful. so luxurious!

    Your video really captured how twisty and small those little roads are, can't believe how the road goes right up next to that giant cliff!

    I guess I won't be heading there with the 3rd most dangerous airport in the world...hopefully you didn't know about that before you flew there.

    You look gorgeous!

  4. wow!!! what an incredible opportunity and trip. this seriously sounds so amazing. i am loving your pictures and am excited to read more. the most exotic place i have been is Mexico. eeek. i need to work on my exotic destinations a bit ;) so glad to hear you had a wonderful time!


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