Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday, chair fail, motivator and Success

Today's three things Thursday is definitely a little random mix of things, but hey, that's how the cookie crumbles :)

1. Chair Fail: I have been meaning to bring my exercise ball into the office for months now, as it just sits, not blown up, in a cubby, in my least in the office I could sit on it, work my abs and posture all day, and make me look a little more badass....that is, as long as the ball is large enough to substitute your office chair.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

Notice how close the ground is to the top of the ball

This was eye level while sitting on the ball
And the kicker of them all...taken without my knowledge by a coworker and emailed out to my entire team...#awesome
1. how did she know I wanted someone to take a full length pic and was too embarassed to ask? 2. wow, I need a hair cut/color BAD 3. I am not sleeping, and I am reading a blog...
Needless to say, I deflated the ball and am sitting in that chair to the left, while the ball is in a heap on my desk.  I will bring it home and use to work on my core work, since I just found this frightful ab workout from Clare HERE

2.  Motivators: So I set some good and some lofty goals to concentrate on in the month of November, and yeah I typed them all out, so that I could be held to them by all of you wonderful readers, but honestly, if they aren't RIGHT IN FRONT ME, I don't remember them all.  So as a motivator to myself to accomplish each goal this month, I have taped a printout of the list to my desk, right next to my keyboard, so I can always sneak a glance and get a reminder...
And at the end of the day when the janitor or co-workers get nosy...I can just cover up the list with the handy mouse pad to the right up there. Genius...I know!

3. Success:  I spent Tuesday night baking away, and have successfully shipped out a full batch of yummy Flour Bakery Oreo Cookies (P.S. that link is the link to the recipe, go get it, and make them...tonight...) to one lucky bidder from Kari's Kisses for Katie Online Bake Sale.  The bake sale appears to have been a huge success, raising just under $110 for Kisses for Katie, and I feel very honored and humbled that I was able to partake in such a great cause, I just hope Kathleen feels the same way when she opens my package and tastes whats inside (That's what he said).

Yes I am lame and forgot to take a picture...again...but I am making some more soon, so don't worry - I will photograph!!
Tell me one thing random in your life today...I dare you...


  1. That ball story is so funny!

    I got out for a walk in the sunshine today... 2 miles, hurray!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH those stability ball pictures are hilarious!!!!! Hahahahah I can't stop laughing. I can't even pick a favourite. All hilarious. Um, I need those Oreo things. I'll be over in 5 minutes.

  3. At the job I had before this one, there were a few girls who used to sit on stability balls instead of chairs. Even more popular was to raise your monitor and keyboard and work standing up... I actually do that sometimes at the job I have now! I really enjoy it and I find it way less annoying to walk to the photocopier or printer when I'm already up ;-)

  4. Oh my word I love the last pic!!! Yeah I would say it's a little too small!! Great idea keeping your goals front and center. Some days I need mine stapled to my forehead!

  5. Ooooh I'd be so angry at the person who took that picture of me and e-mailed it around....but I suppose it was nice to get your full length shot in :)

    One random thing in my life = I slept in until noon today and it felt GREAT!


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