Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday...

Hi all! It is Thursday already (yay!), which means I am going to entertain you with three randomish things on my mind!  It is a little short today, because I have been in full-day work meetings the past two days, and only have a quick break to post :)

1. ponchos: old news yet? I hope not!
Pretty, pretty poncho
Thank you all so much for your support on my quest to win the fabulous Titika Activewear poncho from Katy @ Fit In Heels! The contest will run through Monday, so if you want to help me out and haven't had the chance to yet, please go over to Fit in Heels' FB page, and like my comment on there (and her page as well!) and for extra love, you can go over and "like" my comment on Titika's page (and show them some "like" love too!) - happy birthday in 2 1/2 days!!

2. Rafflecopter:

Thank you to Jenn, I have won an account with Rafflecopter, which is a cool way to help you run a giveaway on your blog with out too much hassle, from keeping track of what you have done (so you don't have to leave fifty million comments) to picking the winner! Can't wait to use this on my very first giveaway! Yes, you heard correct - there will be a giveaway coming up before I leave for vacation on Monday, so keep those eyes peeled! It should be a pretty cool one :)

3. Vacation:
St. Barth's, here I come!
Did I mention yet that I have vacation coming up?! Sorry, I just get so excited about leaving this rainy, cold, state of MA for some warm, relaxing downtime.  Let's just keep fingers crossed, the weather holds out a little bit, as the 10-Day forecast is set to showers.  Now I know when there are "showers" in the islands, it is supposed to be like an afternoon shower in Florida, but Novemebr is a rainy season month for the islands, so I just hope there the equation is sun > rain/clouds
I will take the sun and the 80 degree weather....just rain, rain, stay away!
What is your current athletic clothes obsession?

I am in love with my new sports bra, because it actually fits me - and my new zebra active band from Rachelle :)

Can you guess what I am giving away? 

I could give you a hint, but it might be too obvious


  1. Hey I couldn't find your post on there yesterday....I'll keep scrolling I'll be sure to like it :D

    I am not entering for the poncho but I would obviously love it.

    YAY for winning Jenn's giveaway!

    double yay for vacation....colour me green ;)

  2. A giveaway, so exciting! I should prob do something like that one of these days, but I don't even know where to get started.

    St. Barth's is going to be so amazing, enjoy!! Even if it does end up sprinkling a couple days, it's still going to be wonderful to get out of the country and see some new beautiful scenery.

  3. ok, now that is a cool poncho! i'll take one in each color please. Have fun on vacation. Get a tan for me!


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