Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Love Wednesday, Poncho Love

Hi today is another un-canny What I Love Wednesday post, but you will see why I am so in love in a second...

Katy, @ Fit in Heels, is having an amazing birthday giveaway on her blog today, for this kick-ass Titika Active poncho...not only does it look fantastic on her (which she is ridiculously pretty anyways, so she didn't need the help), but it is also reversible...which means less laundry for me, and more free time to blog, workout, and live life (hopefully in the poncho!!)
This is the awesome poncho!
If you have never heard of Titika Activewear before, it is a line of really fashionable, flattering and functional activewear created by a pair of equally fashionable and awesome women out in Toronto, Canada.  It is a sad story to tell, that they do not have stores in the US, as they are only available in Toronto right now, but as soon as they come to the US (pretty please :) ) I would definitely be excited.  Everything Katy and other CA bloggers have posted have caught my eye!

So, why should I declare my love so loudly on here today, besides the fact that I think it is kick-ass (did I mention that already?), is that in order to win the giveaway I need to play in the big leagues and show her how many people like to sweat and want to support my reason for sweating, and therefore need for the poncho (to cover the sweat?) - make sense? It even provides magical powers to the person wearing it...I swear...look below!
See how the magic of Titika products runs through her veins?
If you could please go over and "like" my comment on her page about my reason to sweat (you might have to "like" her page in order to "like" the comment, but if you don't already follow her, than you are missing out and should "like" her whether or not you want to "like" my comment :) ). Too many likes?

While you are over in FB land, you could also "like" Tikita Active, and my comment over there too, if you feel so inclined :)
Happy Early Birthday you crazy strong, beautiful lady! 
Thank you guys in advance for supporting me! And please make sure to go wish Katy a happy early birthday, it is a special one (and the actual day is Saturday, so you could spoil her with happy birthdays for the next 4 days!) :)

P.S. for my reason to sweat, I put down: I love to Run, but my favorite way to sweat comes from heated journey to the core yoga, when you are inverted and you can feel the sweat drip down your arm and you think for a moment that one drop could set you off balance,but you focus and stabilize and you feel so powerful! That is my favorite way to sweat :) 


  1. ahhh! i am at work now but will hopefully remember to like your comment later! good luck!!!!!

  2. I'm of course blog reading at work but I will have to remember tonight and like it!! Man you make yoga sound awesome! May need to break down and try it out!

  3. You are so adorable and incredibly kind!!!!!! THANK YOU for the AMAZING blog, I don't deserve this! You are the gorgeous, strong, awesome one. Good luck in the contest and THANK YOU for the amazing post!!!!! You've made my day... no, week- life!!!


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