Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CLICK Espresso Protein Review

So a few weeks ago, I was sent this wonderful package from Kelli at CLICK (Espresso Protein Drink).  I had spoke with Kelli about my interest in trying this protein drink, after hearing so many positive reviews around the blogworld and twitter.  I am a coffee drinker (I prefer iced), and I used to be obsessed with Starbuck's frappacinos and Dunking coolatas, so I thought this would be a great way to entice me to take more protein post workouts.

After my 90-minute boot-camp this past weekend, I was not ready yet for real food, but knew I needed to replenish my exhausted muscles - and the fact that I hadn't had any coffee (or caffeine in general) that morning, sealed the deal.  I reached into the cabinet and picked out the Vanilla Latte flavored CLICK powder, and the nifty little shaker Kelli sent along too!

Seriously, drinking this is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

1. Shake:
2. Pour over ice
3. Enjoy
Sooo, I may have taken one of the steps a little too serious....I mean they made pour over ice sounds so luxurious, that I had to class it up myself!
I really did enjoy this drink...it did not have the tinny flavor of some protein powders, it was not too sweet, and it really hit the spot for some energy and post-work-out fuel!  Speaking about not too sweet, there is very little sugar in this drink compared to some other "coffee" flavored drinks and the nutrition facts aren't too shabby either...no really...look...15 grams of Protein, only 6 grams of sugar - I'll take it!
Although this is easy to throw in the gym bag, add water - shake and drink, there is one thing that I want to note.  In regards to the mix, although shaken quite vigorously, the powder still does not totally dissolve - there were some flakes floating on the top of my glass, but texture wise in the mouth, i couldn't tell there were flakes, so I was Ok with it.

Other serving suggestions (that I personally think would be divine)

  • blended with ice and almond milk (or milk of choice), for a creamy "frappe"
  • shaken with 1/2 water and 1/2 almond milk (or milk of choice) - the instructions say just water, but I think the creamy makes this better!
  • mixed with baileys & chocolate vodka and poured into martini glass (espresso martini anyone?!)

I will be packing my Mocha flavor in my gym bag this week (sans vodka ;) )....

**I was provided this product free of charge, but the ideas and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.
Have you ever tried CLICK? What is your favorite kind?

What is your favorite mode of protein post-workout?


  1. I have never tried it but I am thinking of trying it since I have heard so many good things about it! I love a big protein green monster after a workout!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my marathon recap, you are so sweet.....you seriously have been there with me from the start of all this training and it has been really neat to get to share our running stories back and forth with each other!

    This is a very well written review, I like the step by step photos. And of course I also loved the giant wine glass :)

  3. oh I have tried that before! tasty in the morning for sure. like a frappaccino!

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  5. I've never tried it ...but I must've entered a giveaway for it bc I like them on fb :P lol it does look good though!!!!

  6. I wish I liked the flavor of coffee. I am always tempted to try it when I see new products but still can't stand it. Sigh, looks good if I liked the flavor though! :)


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