Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Goals, only a week late :)

So I know I had some great and detailed goals for November, but I am not going to do a full recap, because I was not too successful with them.  It isn't that I fell of the boat, I kept active and I ate well, but...

  • I DID NOT do any pilates or yoga for the entire month! 
  • I DID keep up with the HBBC (and still am!) and once I could run a little, I participated in 3 weeks of the POTM (pile on the miles challenge)
  • I DID NOT get physically healthy, my achilles is still semi-crunchy, and my knee tendinitis is creeping up again
  • I DID think about portions, most of the time...I call my biggest success, not going back for seconds of Thanksgiving dinner :) I also listened to my body a little more, and stopped when I felt full
  • I DID NOT cook at home much, with vaca for a week and my Grammy sick at Thanksgiving this fell out the window a little
  • I DID NOT do well with sweets - although I only had one piece of pie at T-Day, I had a lot of sweets and sugar during the days and a drank a bit on vaca :)
  • I DID NOT have the best of focusing this past month, but there was a lot going on, so although I shouldn't keep making excuses, my mind was elsewhere
  • I DID NOT get my bedroom organized - LOL - over 1 1/2 years and I still haven't fully decorated/moved into it...woopsie!
A LOT of red on a lot to work on this festive month!

December Goals 2011
  • Return to Yoga
    • This month I will need all of the physical and mental relaxation I can get, especially with my legs not cooperating as much as I might like them too
  • Keep up with HBBC Challenge
    • I am middle of the pack for the "Advanced" group, so I am hoping I can maybe pick it up a little more when I can start running longer distances, and more days (right now I am running only once or twice a week)
  • Rediscover what I love about fitness
    • I started an indoor field hockey league this past Sunday, and although I am already a little beat up, I am in love.  Field Hockey was my main physical activity in high school and college, and I really feel in my element when I am playing, surprisingly more confident than in running
I got hit by a ball in my fingers :) And I am proud of it!

  • Be Conscious, but not picky
    • With a month full of holiday parties and family get-togethers, there are many chances to forget clean eating and portion control, but my goal is to stay mindful, not restrictive, during this time.  I have had a cookie (or 2) a day since I made my first batch of Christmas cookies this past weekend, and I am embracing the season, not overindulging, but also not regretting.
  • Eat more veggies!
    • especially since 7 fruits and veggies a day = 1 point in the HBBC :)
    • a lot of my meals this week have been totally vegetarian, salads with beans or yogurt, sweet potato with hummus and yogurt
mixed green salad, chick peas, red pepper, cucumber, dried cranberries, w/ mini brussel sprouts and hummus on the side - yum!
  • Continue my Focus practices
    • continue to make lists, and hopefully cross things off that list
    • continue to be aware of how much I am taking on, so as to not over-stress and over-commit (it is really easy to say "yes" to everyone this time of year)
  • Take care of myself mentally
    • I have been holding a lot in lately, many small little things - that on their own aren't too big of a deal, but bottled up - create a meltdown down the road (trust me, last night I had one!)
    • Find out what I feel is "in a rut" and plan out a path to get myself out of the "rut"
  • Save more
    • ironic goal during a month of spending and giving, but I really want to start a savings account for "a rainy day" or more like, for an apartment/house of my own someday, a refurbished car (my car sorely needs a bumper right now) - I have a 401k, but I want something for the more immediate future.
    • I am still paying off a lot of student/car/mom loans, so I want to make sure I am also saving something for once those loans are paid off.
Phew! Hefty goals this month, but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way - I don't function well when there is one thing to do, think about, accomplish.

How about you - do you have a lot of goals this crazy full month?

Do you do well with one or two big/small goals, or a boatload of little goals?

I have a very short attention span, so I like to break things down into a lot of digestible pieces, so I have something else to focus on, once one goal is accomplished.


  1. Good luck with your December goals! You've really inspired me to do monthly goals in 2012.

  2. Lovely list of goals.....And wow, it just seems like yesterday that you were going over your November goals. Time sure does fly.
    I also want to work on getting my room cleaned out. It's super clean and such, but I do want to get rid of clothing that I don't usually wear and just just try to simplify a little bit. I would also like to work on doing more lists so that I can enjoy my days off of work a little bit more.

  3. some great goals friend! so love that you play field hockey! i didnt know that about you! most of my close friends played field hockey, and while i never did, i was always in awe of them! such an intense awesome sport! good luck!

  4. Great list! Be easy on urself! One step at a time :)

  5. Great goals. I make it a point to stop judging myself. I just let myself be and it's working out great :D the issue is you have to have enough motivation to keep yourself going.

    oh and if you're holding stuff in go have a bath, and listen to some sad music and have a good everytime ;)

    I need to eat more greens too!

  6. You have some great goals! My favorite is "rediscover what I love about fitness" - I've been in a workout funk lately so I need to do that myself... I used to set 5 little goals for each month but I got out of the habit in the summer. I need to get back to that!


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