Friday, December 9, 2011

Fitness Friday - HBBC Week

In an effort to keep goal #2 under my Fitness goals this month, I am going to start recording my weekly workouts, along with my 7+ Daily Fruit & Veggie points, in order to help me keep better track of my points and my workouts going forward - I just realized this also helps me get focused and organized (Goal #1 under Personal goals), so I am hitting two goals in one post, score!  Also, if you want to see my detail about my workouts or keep up with my fitness antics, you can go check me out on Dailymile, and if you are feeling crazy, you can follow me and my workouts :)

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge
HBBC - thank you Amanda for putting this on!

So here we go, HBBC week #3 in life of Danielle


  • Rest


  • Field Hockey - 1 hr - 6 pts.
  • F & V - 1 pt


  • Run - 5.5 miles - 5.5 pts
  • Stretch - 20 min - 1 pt
  • F & V - 1 pt


  • Run - 0.5 miles - 0.5 pts
  • Bootcamp - 50 min - 5 pts
  • F & V - 1 pt.


  • Pilates/stretching - 1 hr - 3 pts
  • F & V - 1 pt


  • Spin class - 50 min - 5 pts
  • F & V - 1 pt.


  • Walked - 2 mi. - 2 pts.
  • F & V - 1 pt.
Week Total: 34 pts.

**I understand Friday is not over, so I may be updating this tomorrow, but as of right now, it is a rest day :) I have a big weekend of activity coming up with 90- bootcamp (pure hell, I can't wait!), a Winter Classic 5k (where I am going to meet a few wonderful bloggers, like Steph, more field hockey, and hopefully 1 or 2 yoga sessions!

So I definitely need to step it up next week in either the time working out or the intensity, but I am killin it on getting all of my fruits and veggies in - thank you all those vegetarian meals I had this week and heavenly sent HoneyCrisp apples!!

I am thinking of signing up for a CSA in the area - any suggestions on what size/variety or if it is a good value?

How did you do on your goals this week?

Are you participating in the HBBC? If not, what are you waiting for?!


  1. this is a great way to keep motivated! i like seeing how everyone is putting forth the effort to and we can hold each other accountable.

  2. I think you had a great week and you sure had a variety of activities. Looks like fun to me.

    Enjoy your busy weekend.

    Sorry, cannot help with the CSA.

  3. GREAT job this week!! I have been looking into CSA here too. My mom has done it for years. She shares it with my sister. My goal this week is to get in 40 miles...I HAVE to get closer to my 1500!

  4. Yayyyy 5 k!!!! I just finished a CSa in Lexington! U will absolutely get urveggies worth!


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