Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HBBC Week #5 Round-Up

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays! I have been home all weekend, spending time with family, eating way too much, savoring a few good drinks and opening some awesome gifts!

I did move around a little - I got in the Home for the Holidays 10k, running 6.2 miles through my hometown in 47:46, dressed as a holiday lump of coal.  It was a difficult run to do alone, as it was the first time I have run in temps below 30. I tweeted and blogged to kill time and wait for some more sun to shine through the window, before I finally sucked it up (w/ a slight guilt trip via Nancy and Steph on Twitter). It was nicer than expected though because the sun was shining down, and almost made me forget about the chilling headwinds on my way back.
I ended up ditching the neckwarmer before the run when I realized it was warm in the sun!
 My Garmin was out of commission, so I used my little sister's stopwatch to time the total run.  My miles averaged out to a 7:42 pace, and I believe that the all of the 6.2 miles were just under 8:00 minutes.  Not too shabby for a cold, solo run.
Post - 6.2 lump of coal
In other news, I can't believe we are already onto Week #6 of the HBBC!! So without further ado, here are my week #5 stats!
Thank you Amanda for keeping me honest and active!

  • 100 min. yoga/stretching (6 pts)
  • Rest Day
  • 4.26 mile run (4.26 pts)
  • F & V = 1 pt
  • 0.53 miles walked (0.53 pts)
  • 2.03 miles ran (2.03 pts)
  • 55-minute bootcamp (5.5 pts)
  • F & V = 1 pt

  • Rest Day (4 1/2 hours baking)
  • F & V = 1 pt.

  • 6.59 miles (6.59 pts)
  • F & V= 1 pt.

  • 2 hours yoga/stretching (6 pts.)
  • F & V = 1 pt.
Week Total:  35.91 pts.

I still need to work on F&V, but I am more than ecstatic that there are not one, but two, yoga sessions on that list! It was so great to stretch out the hips and test my balance out a little bit.  I also had one of the higher mileage weeks I have done in a little while, and I am not having too much pain (just a little achiness on the 2 hour drive home Friday).

After the glutinous weekend and double rest days, I am more than ready to up the fitness levels tomorrow and the rest of the week, as well as continue my 7 F & Vs a day! 


  1. Love it! You are one speedy lump of coal!

  2. Looks like a very good week to me!

    Just wanted to let you know that your turkey dressing was a big hit with us! Thanks for sharing it at Thanksgiving!

  3. yeah running in those temps is no joke!! nice speedy run!!

    lump of coal, hahaha.

    I have not ventured out in weather that cold yet....it's been insanely warm here in Virginia, so I've forgotten what that feels like.

  4. Nice race lady!! I love the lump of coal. tooo funny :) glad we pushed you out the door because oyu rocked it!


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