Monday, December 5, 2011

St. Bart's - the Finale

So I know I have been a little MIA this weekend, but I had a lot of fun, saw my Grammy - at home :), saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while, drank one too many drinks one too many times, made a race medal holder (post coming shortly), made my return to field hockey, and got like 5 hours of sleep in order to fit all of that needless to say, blogging didn't happen.  I did however, save some of the best of my trip to St. Bart's for last :) So if you need to catch up, check out part one HERE, and then head on over to part two HERE....
I have wanted to go paddle boarding all this summer, and I went a total of ZERO times, that's right....something I never took the time to enjoy until St. Barts, where paddle boarding is, well, a way of life...which I could definitely get down with - so for your viewing pleasure, check this out :)
A little Tripp boarding action
And some awkward Danielle boarding action

Get that camera out of my face, I need to get some serious boarding in dude...
Yeah, so the last three pictures were taken in the bay at our hotel....the same bay in which I had this view from the hotel TM (Oh, yes...I got in two 6 milers and a 5k while I was here - and while I starred at this)

See, I told you I worked out....the HBBC challenge started while I was here, and the POTM challenge was ending while I was here, so I took some of the free time I had while the boys sailed and got my jog on :)
Another way I was able to keep busy while they sailed, was exploring the island.  My favorite exploration? Finding the famous beaches (no I didn't go to the nude one, Governor's Beach, it was hard enough to find the normal one below)
You had to park your car in front of these swampy bogs, then walk through this path 

at the top of the path, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel
And you get to this beauty - pictures don't do this beach justice!
And after I was done frolicking around, and Tripp was done doing his sailing was time for us to go home :(
eeked out a smile while waiting for our shuttle to the airport

Last of the sunny, palm tree pictures

walking to the "terminal"
waiting in the "terminal"
The "terminal" was just one large room that you entered after walking through the one small security lane - this was the entire airport!
sitting front row in our 10-seater
And for your viewing pleasure - the flight off the island (not as exciting as the landing, but I was prepared with video, and we do take off over the water!)
I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!! I will be back later to tell you a little more about my weekend :)

Did you run Vegas, or are you as jealous as I am that you didn't book a ticket?!

Any fun XMas runs coming up?

I am going to sign up for the Holiday 5k local to Boston, and maybe meet up with some new blogger friends!!


  1. Looks fabulous! Good for you for trying paddle boarding. I need to get back to St. Bart's soon!
    No racing for me, thanks to angry hammy.

  2. Wow, what a beach! I'd have done everything in my power to miss my plane ride home!!

  3. This looks fantastic! I tried paddle boarding in Hawaii and nearly died. There were so many waves and I suck when it comes to balance and strength. Probably not too wose of me to go out there and attempt it but I did anyway and learned to never do it again! Looks like it would be really fun on calm waters though!

  4. I've always wanted to try paddle boarding, I heard it's an amazing workout. I tried to watch that video, but it said "private" and didn't let me see it :( Oh well.

    And once again...what a beautiful adventure, so jealous!!

  5. I can't even read this post b/c you're too sexy :P lol it's making me forget my goals and love my body.

    but seriously, I wish I lived close enough AND could afford to run vegas. oh well, i'll just read everyone's recaps.

    I love the plane window photo!

  6. How gorgeous! You've earned my utmost respect paddling. That's hard work!

  7. ummmm 1. you are super gorgeous as is 2. the area that you were in. 3. still so jealous of this trip. you are awesome.


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