Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweat it out...yay or nay?

So I know this might not be a comfortable topic, or one that you consider healthy living or a balanced lifestyle; however, as a 24-year old, living with roommates and enjoying life in the city (Boston, that is), this is a topic I run into time to time, and that I am personally split on.

With all of the holiday parties, friends and family from out of town and time off of work (for some), we sometimes tend to over-indulge in the holiday egg-nog, fruity rum punch, vino...and we can end up with a not so pleasant morning after, and in some cases, whole next day!  So what is an active, usually energetic girl (or guy!) to do? Should you hit the gym or the pavement and try to sweat it out, or do you stay home and lay low for the day?
I encountered this very problem this weekend - I had a poor choice of dinner (snacking at the holiday party) and I drank rum and vodka with caffeine.  I woke up with a pretty bad headache, a sore/scratchy throat, and a shaky body (most likely from the dehydration).  Not a prime state to get up and be coordinated, so I filled a big water bottle, made some banana oatmeal, and went back into bed with a couple (4 or 5) episodes of Gossip Girl....right or wrong?

Well I got to thinking that very question about halfway through the day, after too many episodes of GG, and when Tripp walked in and just laughed at my pathetic situation.  I made the choice to stay home Sunday, instead of working out, because I didn't trust my hydration levels, I didn't trust my coordination, and my body needed to rest and nourish a little.
Not this kind of hangover...there were no tigers or babies involved 
I did start looking up what the greater population thought about working out while hungover - as I have in the past gotten up and gone for a run, gone to spin class or boot camp, and even have showed up to races not in prime form.  It isn't that I am a lush, but I am 24 and when you like to go out, it happens sometimes...I would obviously like to avoid the hungover feeling altogether, but I also enjoy nights out with Tripp or my friends.

So what did I deduce....Exercising When You're Hungover

  • Drink plenty of water before heading out for exercise, and have water on hand during
  • Fuel with healthy fuels when you wake up and before your workout
  • If you need to exercise, try to stick to light cardio sessions 
  • You are probably very dehydrated, so avoid strenuous activities
  • Make sure to evaluate your coordination (are you shaky, blurry eyed, slow reflexes), being hungover can make you more clumsy and can be dangerous in the weight room or on the road
  • Stick to stretching workouts, like yoga or pilates
  •  Sweating can in fact make you feel better, as it helps to release some of the toxins, while boosting endorphins
So next time you wake up groggy, but functional, hit up the gym, the pavement, or the yoga mat for some fog-lifting endorphins.  Remember: if you can't do something to improve your fitness, stay home - there is no point in half-assing the workout, only to injure yourself.

What is your take on this topic? Sweat it out, lay low, or hit up rehab (this last option was a joke)?

I am going to try to sweat it out, unless I am in a situation like Sunday, where I knew I was too dehydrated to do anything productive, and I didn't want to hurt myself any further than I am already


  1. I would say it depends on the bender the night before! There have been times when I have just been sluggish and not great that I went out to sweat....kind of punishing myself. There have been other times ( VERY rare now that I am a Mom...not fun!) that bed and loafing around was the only safe option for me and those who I would unfortunately see at the gym!

  2. I've found that a light run ALWAYS makes me feel better the morning after a very fun night. Feeling like total crap and just being useless all day exacerbates the feeling for me.

  3. I always feel better after a workout. Even a jog for a couple of miles helps me to sweat it out, AND I'm thirsty for water afterwards, rehydrating me!

  4. it depends.....I am such a lightweight now I have to sleep sleep sleep it off....then I run :P lol water is KEY! and greasy food is a God send

  5. Even just a short run makes me feel better!


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