Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday - Holiday 10k, Bia, and Graston

It is two days before Christmas Eve, and I must admit, I am not completely done with shopping/wrapping/etc...but I am also not freaking out too much.  I know I will get it all done, it is just a matter of buckling down and getting to it, right?  I did however, spend 4 1/2 hours baking gifts last night, so I might call it day with that :)

Well anyways, I have a few things to mention on this wonderful, warm (wtf?!) Thursday here it goes!

1. Home for the Holidays 10K: virtual 10k to be exact.  I am signed up and ready to participate in this inaugural virtual race (also will be my first ever virtual race) over the weekend - not only is it put on by a few new blogger/runner buddies I met at the Winter Classic, but it also is a chance to run 6.2 miles through my home old stomping grounds! I hope to complete this race on Saturday morning, before we head to Grammy's to help set up for our annual Christmas Eve party (family and family friends, dress up, eat lots of food, drink lots of wine), and this is for a few reasons: it will help jump-start my busy, probably glutinous day, it is on familiar terrain, it is also the only day this weekend that looks like it won't see rain or snow..

2. Bia: Have you guys heard/seen this around the online world? I first saw it on a blog yesterday, then Twitter, and FB!  I guess it is a fitness site still in the works, that is for women by women....a place to journal about work-outs-runs-food, a place for community support, and to top it off, they are working on developing a fitness watch that is specifically for women athletes...pretty cool stuff!

I am still a little tentative, as it is such a struggle to keep up with Blogworld, DailyMile, Twitter, FB, HBBC (see even all the links make me tired!), but I am also excited that this could be a great reference point for fitness tips tailored to women, a journal to keep track of workouts and goals.  Who knows...I am definitely one to try out new things and give them a chance...check it out for yourself if you would like - Bia  (who apparently was the Greek goddess of force and power. She was also Nike's younger sister....dun, dun, dunnn) 

3. Graston:  This is a technique I believe I first heard about on the blogworld back in Spring, but didn't pay too  much attention to, besides thinking it was painful and horrific and I am glad I don't need it....until now :(  My PT finally mentioned (after several months) that I should go and see a sports chiropractor and explore the need for ART (active release technique) and Graston Technique.  

(source) The Graston Technique® incorporates a patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function.
The Technique:
  • Separates and breaks down collagen cross-links, and splays and stretches connective tissue and muscle fibers
  • Increases skin temperature
  • Facilitates reflex changes in the chronic muscle holding pattern
  • Increases the rate and amount of blood flow to and from the area
  • Increases cellular activity in the region, including fibroblasts and mast cells
  • Increases histamine response secondary to mast cell activity

As my lingering knee and Achilles pain ached on...I called the Chiro

He made me feel very comfortable and confident in his work, gave me a great assessment ("your body is just all messed up - I blame it on those 12 years of gymnastics - I know my children will never do gymnastics"), and then got straight to work on my Achilles.  At first he was doing just ART (which is essentially them applying pressure to the bottom of a joint/ligament/muscle and slowly moving the pressure upwards, while you flex and extend that joint).  This part wasn't too painful, more like a deep tissue - and my Achilles has so much scare tissue built up around it, I could barely feel much.  Apparently scar tissue limits the range of motion, causing pain and preventing normal functionality in the affect area...sounds about right!

But wait, there is more...he then grabs this metal stick (flat on each side, with beveled edges - so he doesn't cut me) and lubes it up (TWSS?).  I am a little  nervous at this point, but hey, I have been through A LOT with these legs, so I was prepared...kind wasn't too, too bad, but he said he needed to stop, so he didn't aggravate it too much - next up...knee/ITB/TFL
Anyone else think this looks like Dexter is about to work on me? Source

Again, he started with the ART - ok, I can do this, I have had a lot of deep tissue on this leg, bring it on! Then he brought it on....I didn't expect him to use the Graston on my ITB! He knew this was a tender spot and thought he would be able to work on it without the stick....nope....
yeah, that used to be my ITB
Yeah, after a few minutes of that, I was not feeling so awesome anymore - he had me walk on the TM and see how it felt - honestly, the achiness wasn't too bad, but I attribute that to the fact that I could feel the bruises already forming and didn't have enough pain capacity to think about the achiness...

Now that it has been almost a full week, the bruising has gone down (which I later found out is normal after this procedure) and I am just anxiously awaiting my next appointment on January 3rd, kind of like waiting for Santa on Saturday night...or not....

Have you ever had to receive ART or Graston work?

Ouch, I hope you never have to if you haven't yet!

Are you participating in any holiday race/event this weekend?

What is your favorite holiday treat (cookie, truffle, candy, you name it!)?

Did you do gymnastics? 


  1. i've gotten both graston and ART (which, we've definitely talked about). graston was mostly for the scar tissue from my knee surgeries. after my surgery in august, i was feeling a lot of pressure in my kneecap and graston helped a LOT to break all of that up and free up the space.

    my chiro also has done a LOT of ART on me. he's worked mostly on my popliteus, gastric head of the calf and my hamstring. hurts like a bitch, but feels wonderful after the soreness goes away.

  2. So excited you are running in the 10K!!! I really hope the treatments work and we get you back on track :) :)

  3. Ouch, that sounds painful!

    I'm doing several virtual races over the weekend so I will be very active! Good luck with your first virtual race! I'm really excited about this one.


    Oh my goodness, these graston and ART techniques sound phenomenal, I LOVE really deep massages (borderline painful) so perhaps this would be right up my alley next time I have some soreness issues. I wonder how to go about finding a graston provider near Richmond VA...

    I'm going to share this with Tappan so that he can consider doing it for his achilles!


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