Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday - St. Barths Edition

To continue with my recap of our amazing vacation to sunny St. Barth, I thought it would be fun to put some of it into a Three Things Thursday style post - to keep it, ya know, fun :)

1. Tripp and his sailing partner got 12th out of 50 boats, which I think is fantastic! You see, Tripp and Jacopo don't normally sail together, and this was only Jacopo's 2nd regatta all year!

They had some great races, and some not so hot, so to finish in the top 25% of the fleet is pretty badass in my opinion!

2. I rode on my first large, private, boat....a 40 or so foot catamaran (to be a catamaran, means there are two hulls on the boat, which are separated by some kind of trampoline or netting, and not just the single hull that most "typical" sail boats have).
It was one very similar to the one between my legs :)
 I had the opportunity to jump on board the big race committee cat for an afternoon set of races, so I took in the sites, tried not to fall in (it was really wavy!) and paparazzi'd my guys :)
I had a sweet view of the main island

The beach where the boats were launching out of - look at that blue water!

The flags that signal the start and sometimes false start of the races

my guys 

Some of the race committee members lounging on the netting of the catamaran

my guys coming in for a strong finish! Fun Fact: they sailed with Italian sails because Jacopo, although he lives in NYC, only has an Italian passport and was not able to use his USA sail #
3.  Tripp and I listened to Party Rock Anthem or Sexy, and I Know It every night before going out to pump ourselves up:
 OK, OK, so Tripp DJ'd it on his iPhone, while I danced up a storm....don't let him fool you, he is a party rocker :)
embarassing photo I thought you all would really want to see :)
To keep the party going, the regatta was sponsored primarily by Rhum St. Barth, which is a tasty concoction local to the island, but available in select other places around the world.  They were therefore the sponsor of all evening events and the regatta village

The back of their rash guards (tech type shirts to cover their life jacket and harness, so that they don't scrape up their arms.
 They even hosted a couple of paddle boarding competitions, one of which Tripp and his buddy John took part in.  (John won the regatta last year, and came in first this year)

strategizing no doubt

"Damn man, I am sticking to sailing, paddle boarding is not my strong point" They didn't win, we will leave it at that :)
That's all for now....still to come on this wild first paddle boarding experience, and the departure from paradise...


  1. can you man come show Colin how to have his body....please :P lol but shhhh Colin would be mad if he saw this lol

    I love you funny pic I think you look good and your arms look super defined ;) lol I am loving all this sailing recap!

  2. oh my gosh! so happy and a little jealous. any bad sunburns?

  3. wow!!! 12th!?! that is awesome! love the dancing pic. LMFAO never fails to get me adequately pumped for just about anything :)

  4. Nice sailing pics and how fun was that cat ride? Cute dance pic... your arms, wow! :)

  5. I can't get over how gorgeous the scenery is there! I need me some beaches and catamarans!!

    My brother and I listened to "Sexy and I Know It" on repeat before we did a 1/2 marathon together a few weeks ago... best. motivation. ever.

  6. Oh my goodness, I still can't get over what an amazing experience this are so fortunate! I'm jealous :)

  7. This looks like a once in a lifetime experience! Glad you guys had such a great time!


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