Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Love Wednesday - JŎCALAT Review

So a little while ago (ok, too long ago if I must be honest), I contacted Larabar and spoke with a wonderful woman, Erica.  Now I am a huge Larabar fan (the coconut cream pie rocks my world.), and as I see around the blogosphere, and in the healthy living community, that many of you guys like the stuff too!  So you would assume I contacted Erica to check in on the newest flavors of the classic Larabars, but you would also be slightly incorrect...the reason I reached out to the company, was to inquire about their JŎCALAT line of bars.

JŎCALAT?! What the heck?! That is the exact thought process that I went through when I first spotted these on their site.  I have heard countless times (and experienced first hand) the deliciousness that is Larabars, but I had yet to hear about these JŎCALAT bars!  Erica was too sweet when I asked about the bars, and if it would be OK to review and introduce my readers to them - and she sent me one of each flavor....each, chocolately, goodness flavor.
Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate, and Chocolate Hazelnut
You might be wondering....What is so unique about JŎCALAT bars....aren't they just Larabars, but in brown packaging?

JŎCALAT is an organic chocolate food bar made from fruits, nuts and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate. Each flavor contains no more than seven simple, organic ingredients that are deliciously rich, without added sugars, and  free of dairy, soy, and gluten. With JŎCALAT, we're committed to the use of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate and organic ingredients, doing our part to sustain the planet. (from their site)
So in short, unlike the classic Larabars, these each have a good dose of daily chocolate in them :) I was especially excited for the Chocolate Hazelnut I thought it would be the perfect flavor for an after lunch treat!

Only 5 ingredients!!
So, now to the good are they?! Well, I will admit, and I am a little embarrassed to admit this (as I understand the ingredients and I know these are not your typical chocolate bar) but I expected my first bite to be a little sweeter.  They have a very rich, yet raw, chocolate flavor - there is no added sweetener (just the dates), but there is two kinds of chocolate in each bar (organic cocoa powder and organic unsweetened chocolate). Overall, I really enjoyed these bars as an after lunch or dinner treat, but I only ate about 1/3 or 1/2 at a time - as they are very rich (think flour-less chocolate cake rich), so I enjoyed them savored over two or three sittings.


  • amazing for you, real, whole, easy to read ingredients
  • gluten, dairy, soy free - also vegan and kosher (Hanukkah gift?)
  • healthy alternative to that chocolate cheesecake you want to grab post-dinner
    • natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber :)
  • similar texture and shape of the classic Larabar
  • each bar boasts a very rich chocolatey flavor, as well as a slightly nutty aftertaste
  • although they have a similar texture to the classic Larabar, these are a little bit dryer - definitely have a glass of water or milk around while enjoying
  • pricing - I haven't seen them in the stores near me, but online they are $31.95 for a 16-count box, so about $2 a piece - not horrible, but it could add up (in comparison, Larabars are typically $25.45 a 16-ct. = $1.60 a piece).
I honestly didn't have many cons (as you can see), they were a pleasant change from the classic Larabar that we have grown to love and cherish.  I did in deed enjoy the Chocolate Hazelnut the best, and then Chocolate Mint came in a close second!  

If you haven't tried these yet, I would recommend giving them a taste - as long you like chocolate and that nutty/bitter/rich/raw flavor of raw cocoa - and if you don't like chocolate, well...sorry to bore you with this review :)

* I was sent these bars free of cost form the Larabar company, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own!

**Also, I must note - I am really sorry that I did not take a picture of a cute bar cut in half picture like Elle does so wonderfully (they are so classy and yummy looking), but Larabar was nice enough to send me one of their new flavors to try, so I will do better this time around!!
Have you heard of/tried JŎCALAT  bars?

If you could have any flavor mixed with one of these bars, what would you choose?

I would try orange - I loved a rich chocolate with a sweet orange accent!


  1. I MUST try these - they look SO GOOD!! Can I get them anywhere I would get Larabars? I haven't seen these before! Thanks!

  2. I love these so much! Mint chocolate is my absolute favorite!

  3. Sounds very interesting and I had no idea larabar sold these. Thank you for the review!

  4. Yum I may have to try one of these! Mint chocolate sounds amazing!


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